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"Boat Song" by the Taiwanese singer Chyi Yu, a revival of Southern Chinese folk styles in the 1990s, with evocative old-style lyrics and modern instrumentation.

Maiden wears a azalea flower in her hair
Facing the wind chasing the afterglow with the waves?
The boat rocks in the silence of the water
Gentle is the water village, but where is my home?

The boat rocks in the silence of the water
Rocking songfully toward he of her dreams
Her little lips chants, gentle and wordless
Gentle is the water village, like a painting in a dream.

Her little lips keep the music flowing
Time drifts by like the songs on the water
The boat rocks in the water that keeps flowing
Rocking and rocking like the sweeping autumn breeze

Who is that singer of such sweet melody?
Who is that maiden in her water-village boat?
Who is in her dream, he who never speaks?
Who is him, and where is his home?
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"A Backward Glance from the Edge" by Deanie Ip,
A voice from someone who has contemplated suicide: take every day for what it is, free from fantasies.

Trees rush along the roadside, like my discarded pasts
I once thought of dying
The Heaven kept me.
The Earth remained silent.
I felt my feet on the ground, once again.
May I recover my joy.

As I glanced backwards from the Edge
What an illusion: is it what life is all about?
The Heaven bears no lofty mansion
The Earth but a crust
There is nothing to strive for, nothing to regret.
No everlasting stories.

Sometime I laugh, for for a moment
Memory dwells a mere second
No trouble living in the present then.
Living still feels, but I am free from shackles
What every day brings, I get use to it.

But if I ask you, sincerely,
Do you keep your feet on the ground?
Can you avoid this?
I might have phrased myself clumsily,
Every word that I say is still meant for you.
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I fell down the Nick Cave rabbit hole hard recently. Especially The Skeleton Tree. It's a grim glance into the mind of a father grieving for his son. It feels wrong to listen to it, but I can't stop.


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Song itself is soothing, but I remember my mom really liking this song and singing it when I was very little. Happier days before we became strangers to one another.


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A lot of broken thumbnails in this thread so I'm not quite sure if any of these are reposts

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~ This one is for personal reasons, but still will give most people pretty big smiles if u can enjoy the vocals

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