Songs that make you want to learn a foreign language. - Swear I'm not a weeb.

Many people who learned English as a second language say English songs inspire them to do it. For me it was not the case, same with German and Polish, even though it's certainly nice to listen to songs in the foreign language you know.
I find that languages you are not exposed to in real life often attract people to learn them more via the media in that languages.

Hirasawa Susumu was already mentioned in this thread, and one more reason besides his beautiful songs to learn the Japanese is trying to order his works even from international-faced fansite, since they have terms of service in Japanese only, and relying on Google Translate to accept any document is not a good idea.

Dalriada makes me want to learn Hungarian. It's funny that they were, in turn, inspired by Celtic music.

Speaking of Celtic music, Julie Fowlis makes me wonder how can the song be so soft with a lot of those consonants in Scottish Gaelic. Would be great to be able to speak it and sing in it as well, though there are definitely not too many resources available for study:

And, of course, I'd like to learn Finnish, since, as Hungarian, it's a part of completely different family of languages and sounds interesting and kind of familiar. I already mentioned this band in Folk music thread, but here's their more popular songs:

For those wanting to learn Russian: it's not as hard as it seems, just try it! Even if nouns have 3 genders (feminine, masculine and neutral), 6 cases (2 more than in German), verbs are structured differently, it can all fit in a very nice, logical scheme - as long as you find the right teacher/materials. I'd recommend Fundamentals of Russian by Horace Lunt, it's a great introduction to the language for native English speakers, however, it's best to have the book and someone giving you exercises and explaining details. Learning by songs is, unfortunately, not effective - but they certainly can inspire you to find out more about the language and culture.


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I don't even want to speak it, I just want to know what shes singing about so passionately...


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These two in particular extremely make me want to learn Scottish and Irish:
I can also only aspire to be as beautiful and talented as these lovely ladies and gentlemen.


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I love this song. Most of the anime I liked as a teenager has failed to stand the test of time, but Wolf Children did. I wouldn't mind learning Japanese.

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Considering the audio quality and that it is credited to simply Female Singer on the liner notes, I wonder if this was just a random person they recorded in some Moroccan town.