Songs that sound great when altered -


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Exactly what the title says. What are some songs that sound great when edited in some way?

Here are some examples.

Losing My Religion sounds nice when made into major key.

And Lantern and Hip Shop from Deltarune sound surprisingly intimidating when slowed down.

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Flutter is a song by Autechre that comes from the Anti EP, which is basically a protest against a 1994 law banning raves by defining them as venues where music as played and music as a "succession of repetitive beats". Now the OG Flutter sounds like this at 45 BPM:

However, when you slow it down to 33 and 1/3 BPM, it sounds like this [possible seizure warning on the first link. I'll leave a link for those kiwis with epilepsy right below it]:
Epilepsy friendly link:

I bet you're wondering why they didn't go with the 33 1/3 BPM mix on the EP. I have no fucking clue. It's still kino as fuck though.
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