Songs that "Suck So Good" - A thread for sperging about songs and artists that are so bad, they're good.


Life is short. Death is forever.
The Morbid Angel album "Illud Divinium Insanus" is my go-to guilty pleasure. David Vincent returned to sing since leaving the band in 1996 and brought the industrial metal he had been doing since he left Morbid Angel. Save for the two actual death metal songs, Blades for Baal and Nevermore, the rest is a retarded mix of industrial & death metal and I love it for how bad it is. Radikult is the main song everyone points out to get an idea what kind of trainwreck the album is.

I always referred to this one (somewhat) affectionately as Morbid Manson.


fuck the ccp
Over the years, i've listened to a lot of contenders to this thread, but time has shifted them from guilty pleasures to something i see more quality in. Examples include obnoxious late aughts music of cancelled Dr. Luke which has all the energy modern top 40 is missing or third wave ska punk which aged far better than many contemporaries afraid to put a horn section along with 4 chords.

But to truly qualify for this thread, i'll bring up Soulja Boy. Not the Soulja Boy Tell'Em who dropped 3 albums 2007-2010 including the hit "ringtone rap" song Crank That, but the same man who made 50+ mixtapes of middling quality. A similar quantity over quality ethos as his friend Lil B, Soulja Boy never cared much for the irony that Lil B made waves on tumblr and other 2010-era social media with. Instead you get this weird paradox where a soulja mixtape may feature nearly identical songs that couldn't possibly bite current talent any harder, but also feature songs that predict trends and sounds years ahead.

Let's start with the good

the bad

the ugly

not to mention how awful this verse is not even in the right key.

I can't really put why i enjoy this into words, its partially cringe humor, but also enjoying a lolcow constantly try to reinvent their image.
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I Love Reshiram Married To Reshiram JustinRPG​

Camu Tao - The Moment​

Brownies en downies​

Tha Grimm Teachaz - I Getz​

Mason vs Princess Superstar - Perfect​

Major Lazer - Bubble Butt​

Major Lazer "Pon De Floor"​

Die Antwoord - Evil Boy​

London Yellow - Im playing minecraft with my penis out​

Bazooka Joey (G.I. Joey)​


The following 7 songs are so abrasive that I couldn't choose only one​

Necro ft. Captain Carnage - Destined to Die '94​

Necro - Garbage Bag '94​

Necro - Wreck The Rectum​

Necro - My Sweet Dreams​

Necro - Butcher Knife​

Necro - Do The Charles Manson​

Necro - Fresh Death​

Starting off the next pile with a Christmas themed ICP song​

Insane Clown Posse - Skanta Claws​

Insane Clown Posse - Miracles​

Primus - Cheer Up Charlie​

Leaders Of The New School - The International Zone Coaster​

Chaos Chaos - Terryfold​

Mario be playin' - T-Dub​

The Wizards - Straight Outta Mordor​

Lifeseeker - Middle Earth​

Lifeseeker - His Name's Frank​

Lifeseeker - Like a Ninja​

Lifeseeker - Majick Vehickle​

Busta Rhymes ‎- Woo-Hah!! Got You All In Check​


Ugly Duckling - Meatshake

Hot Guacamole (MF DOOM, MC Paul Barman)

MC Paul Barman - Excuse You

Wordburglar - The Route

Wordburglar - Cream of Wheat

KEEMSTAR - Dollar In The Woods!

Thee Undertakerz - Party In The Morgue

Egg White - Lovesick

Egg White - Alek Minassian

Egg White - Sun In The Sky

Egg White - Doodad

Egg White - Blue Chex

Egg White - Stevie Steve

NEGATIVE XP - We Love Our McDonald's

Read-A-Book -Ghettosocks


Mc Frosty - F.R.O.S.T.Y. (Fiend Rock Oxy Speed THC Yayo)

MC Frosty - INCEL

Mc Frosty - Livin' On Government Money

Baked Alaska - we love our cops

HELL ORBS: "Suck Ya Hog"

Drew Toothpaste: GIMME THE STIMMY

CRUDBUMP: "Ed Zitron"

CRUDBUMP: Fuck You If You Don't Like Christmas

CRUDBUMP: Temple Of Gold

CRUDBUMP: The Most Erotic Song Ever

CRUDBUMP: Beat The Dead Horse

CRUDBUMP: "Expert Chef"

Crudbump "NSA"

CRUDBUMP: Ohio Shape

CRUDBUMP feat. Kool Keith: "Crab Hand"

Kool Keith - Halfsharkalligatorhalfman

Kool Keith - F-U M.F.

Kool Keith - No Chorus

Star Wars Feat Kool Keith

Kool Keith - Octo

Dr Dooom - Dr. Dooom's In the Room

Dr Dooom - Body Bag

Dr Dooom - Mental Case

This entire Crazie Locs album

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Generic Edgelord Supreme
Anything by Anal Cunt. Their discography contains such hits as "Hitler Was a Sensitive Man," "You're Gay," "I Just Saw the Gayest Guy on Earth," "Ha Ha Holocaust," and "I Respect Your Feelings as a Woman and a Friend" (It's funny because he famously doesn't)

Agent of Z.O.G.
I grew up listening to internet meme music (before everything was called a meme, even) so most of the music I listed to can be described like "a horror movie for the ears".

Anime Music!


Game Music!
As heard in Barkley

Mashups of anime and game music!

Injoke music!


And of course; nightcore
I rediscovered this one because of a "discord moderators fighting army recruiters over a misfit teen" vid on twatter

There's plenty more that I've enjoyed but I can't list it all and some are too embarrassing even for a a thread like this.


lol ice cube rapping about chris benoit

ICP - Birfday Party

School Shooter ICP songs
ICP - The Blasta
ICP - Ninja
ICP - Toybox
Mr. Johnson's Head

ICP - Forever
ICP - Sleep Walker
ICP - Six Pedophiles

Got a little story with this one. A friend of mine wrote down the lyrics to this song on a note and left it for our teacher in highschool. Next thing I know we're both expelled, smoking a bag of weed near a crack house and never returned.
ICP -The Night of the 44

ICP Necrophilia songs
ICP - Cemetery Girl
Dark Lotus - Doornail Dorothy
Dark Lotus - And We Danced
Dark Lotus - She was

Star Wars Hip Hop songs
Kool Keith, Big Sche Eastwood - Padawan
Kool Keith, Big Sche Eastwood - Death Star Pimp Mobile
Kool Keith, Big Sche Eastwood - Dark Vador Light Sabor
Kool Keith, Esham - Dark Vader
Star Wars feat Kool Keith
Kool Keith, Big Sche Eastwood - Jedi Supreme
Kool Keith, Big Sche Eastwood - Ewokie Galaxy Swag
Not really guilty pleasures but I think these two songs sampled star wars soundtracks as well

Rusty Cage - White Girls Fuck dogs
Pepper Coyote - No Cock Like Horse Cock
London Yellow - I Don’t Like Niggers (Official Audio)

Female Bashing
Atmosphere - hidden track
Kool Keith - I'm Seein' Robots
Kool Keith - Keep it real Represent (what? my nuts)
Necro - YOU HO
Necro - STD
Sued by feminists for these tracks
Necro - Thin Line Between Love & Hate
Necro - Whos Ya Daddy?
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I Love Beef

The Guilty Gear XX "Live in USA" image albums.

I don't know how this got started, but apparently someone a long time ago around the turn of the millennium thought it would be a good idea to take the soundtrack from a good video game series out from Japan and go the whole Japanese video game/anime image album route by going out to LA and New York to scout for artists to give vocals to.

Naturally, years before, Japanese rock musicians did this and they were a great match, as consensus says. Out in the States however.... ehhh. The vocals are everywhere, most of them don't rhyme or flow, they repeat verses, and a lot of fans said that they don't match the characters they belonged to.

But, for all of its failings, there is evidence that they did try. Out on Youtube, one of the guys who worked on it, said that this was a very "on the fly thing", and they had like a day to produce this album, than to spend time on it. For LA, they hired out Jay Gordon of Orgy and Matt Zane was one of the vocalists, and Jason Miller and Godhead were the collab crew who worked on NY. Another thing I can deduce from this was that rather than the traditional Japanese image album way of going all poetic and making vocals that are relevant to the character, showing their perspectives in life, opening character insights, etc. the US album was more about trying to make the soundtrack sound like if they were actually created from a band and more like "real songs". For example: Keep Yourself Alive II - This song is so edgeworthy, but it's like the opposite spectrum of all of the nu metal and raprock that was being pushed out back in the day. Tons of swearing, a whole lot of attitude, and a bunch of "make my day motherfucker, you're not the first" going on. It tries to change up the second verse. Blue Water, Blue Sky - Probably another more acclaimed song off of this album, this one makes a song that sounds so adventurous and headfirst into a hard alt love song. Actually nostalgic for this one. Liquor Bar & Drunkard - A song you'd play on a bachelor party from LA to Las Vegas. Extremely indulgent, raunchy, and I honestly would like to know Johnny Cash's stance on this song. Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead) - Now we're getting somewhere. Power Metal is definitely what would comprise all of Guilty Gear's soundtrack, but this, I feel this defines the whole "cheese as shit" aspect of the US albums. Shenanigans are memetic as fuck. A LONG TIME AGO, I, THE EVIL JUSTICE, REIGNED TERROR ON THE WORLD WITH THE DEMONS THAT MAN CREATED..... Momentary Life. Good lord, what would I do for a Japanese lyric song of this. We're getting full weeaboo with this now, aylmao.

To NY: Noontide - *rolls out a loaf of cheese* Awe of She - Awe of She is probably one of GG's most diced and cut songs, poor fucking thing. From an gothic metal track to something that sounds like Evanescence, lol. Jason Miller and friend aren't bad, but Awe of She is meant to be more epic. Make Oneself - THIS MOTHAFUCKA DON'T TAKE NO BACKSEAT~ A really good song. Miller absolutely kills it on this. I'm very mixed about this song. Suck A Sage has always been a hardcore punk fastpaced song, but while Miller is a good vocalist, he's admittedly... too "soft" for this one. (sorry @Syaoran Li, I like Suck A Sage (nonvocal) ) The Midnight Carnival - Fucking Flagship song of XX. Final Boss theme. TO FIND AN END, YOU MUST FIRST BEGIN- Lyrics are fucking kek, and Miller does an alright job on this. Embodies everything about these albums, top to bottom.