Songs with Clever/Darker/Unsuspecting Lyrics - Patrick Bateman: You like Huey Lewis and the News?


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Jun 17, 2019

"Jueves" by La Oreja de Van Gogh

Starts out as a heartfelt, sweet little acoustic about a pair of strangers falling in love at the train station, but none of them having the initiative to make the first move, song takes place from the girl's perspective, her insecurities, wondering if the guy even notices her at all, etc. Lyrics are very reminiscing of those teenage love songs from back then.

As the song picks up, the couple in the song make their move after boarding the train, they introduce themselves to each other, and to the girl's joy, dude confesses he feels the same way she does. She is happy.

As the train rides inside a tunnel, the new couple hold hands, with the girl expressing she will take advantage of the tunnel's darkness to steal a kiss from the guy. The lights go out, and she says she will never forget this moment, she will never forget this day, March 11th.

The instrumental dies down to a sole piano, and the song ends with the girl reaching for the guy's face with her hands for a kiss, receiving a soft "I love you" in return, and her declaring that her "remaining heartbeats" are all his.

On the day of March 11th, 2004, multiple bombs exploded in the subway tunnels in Madrid, Spain. The worst terrorist attack in Spain, killing over 190 people.

Now apparently the song's true meaning is well known over there, as the band has stated so in many local interviews, but from an outsider's point of view, you really wouldn't be able to tell at all, nothing in the song besides maybe the very last lyric (The remaining beats of my heart) even suggests anything other than a love song, so when i learned about the whole thing my mind exploded.


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Jul 1, 2021
It's about niggers shooting each other over sneakers, not about white kids shooting up their school.
man that takes me back to that absolute hellhole of a time when this would play 24/7 on all stations in my neck of the woods. Hearing it now induces some mild trauma

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Mar 29, 2021

This song is actually about a school shooting.
Brenda Ann Spencer, aged 16 at the time, opened fire at a San Diego Elementary school. She’s currently 59 and serving a life sentence at a prison in California, USA.

When asked why she did the shooting, she responded with “I don’t like Mondays”

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Feb 19, 2021

This is not a song about being a good academic student. It's a song about being happy to destroy the world with nuclear weaponry. Thing is, I can't find the full version with the last bit of lyrics

Well I'm well aware
of the world out there
gettin' blown all to pieces
but what do I care?

Not a huge secret that the song is about nuclear annihilation and the government destroying civilization over some fucking balloons, but not as well known is that this really did almost happen due to a glitch in the radar cup.
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Jul 14, 2018
So here's another of why Steely Dan earned it's spot as one of the greatest acts of pop music.
Lyrically Barrytown sounds like it's just a little pop song about a guy who is annoyed by hippies that have come to his town. Fagen's vocals in this track to me have a sort of Bob Dylan-like twing sound
Don't believe I'm taken in
By stories I have heard
I just read the Daily News
And swear by every word
But look at what you wear
And the way you cut your hair
Barrytown people got to be
From another world
Pretty clear cut? Well if you bother to research the song's title the song takes on a whole new meaning. In 1975 Barrytown NY became a major base of operations for the Unification Church. The Unification Church is a small new religion movement that faced heavy criticism for being a cult decades back, because well they frankly do appear cultlike with their mass weddings and their now deceased leader Sun Myung Moon declaring himself to be a Messiah. But the Moonies as they're typically referred to were anything but hippies. They are a politically vocal and strongly conservative group. They found and own the conservative newspaper The Washington Times. This is how the Moonies looked in the 1970s.
So with that in mind the song takes a hilarious new meaning, the narrator is complaining about straight laced Christians... who may or not have been indoctrinated into a cult. It's not about freelove hippies. Just shows how good songwriting can often cleverly hide itself out in the open. @Steely Dan
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Oct 13, 2020

The go-to song from Japan always sounded like it was about someone weeping over a lost love or the end of a relationship.
It's actually about the singer feeling hopeless after seeing a fierce workers' strike amount to nothing.


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Aug 5, 2021
David Bowie has a lot of songs with depressing lyrics, but most fans of his know this. This thread reminded me of the time I was chatting with a friend back in college about music with dark lyrics. They were showing me a bunch of punk/pop and metal lyrics, which were dark but not so depressing, so I grabbed up the words for The Next Day by Bowie. They were in awe at the poetics and imagery and immediately asked to hear the song. They were upset the music wasn't gloomy enough. Great record, but Blackstar takes the cake in my book.

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Oct 15, 2021
Awkward by Tyler, The Creator starts out about how happy a teenager feels with his first romance but ends with the teenager being obsessive with the girl he feel in love with.
You're my girlfriend... You're my girl (Whether you like it or not!)

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Nov 14, 2017
If you like dark, clever lyrics, check out Amigo the Devil. He's a rising star and his shows have been exploding when he tours, check him out if he comes to venue near you. He's one of the best performers today, I promise you that.


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Apr 24, 2020
I don't know if this really counts -- since the lyrics are very verbatim and not clever at all, but instead it's a happy up-tempo song with depressing lyrics. One of Nirvana's happiest and poppiest songs "Sliver" was about a true story of when Kurt was a small child his parents dropped him off at his strict grandparents' house to babysit him. His grandparents forced him to eat gross food so he cried and they yelled at him, and the song's chorus is him repeatedly begging for his grandparents to please take him home.

It's just kind of odd because the music and video are all happy and cheerful especially for Nirvana, but the subject matter is kind of sad:



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Mar 11, 2017

It's a song about Mark David Chapman killing John Lennon.

Twisted Little Daydreams
Memories with pain
Locking me behind the closet door
I will be a good boy
Promise I won't run
Sit quite in my room
Playing with my toy gun
Now I'm older but the memories
Still eat me like disease.
Alone in the darkness
Watching you on my T.V.
Why did God make you so famous
When he only spit on me.
I want to bathe in your light.
I want to be on the news.
If I take your life
It's nothing personal.
Just a boy and his toy gun
Dying for attention.
I'm sitting on the steps.
The sun is sinking low.
The world gets very quiet
As the street lamps start to glow.
I step out and I raise my gun
Time just seems to slow.
For a moment I can see myself
Trapped in your reflection.
I'm angry and I'm lonely
And I'm dying for attention.
I want to bathe in your light.
I want to be on the news.
If I take your life
Its nothing personal.
Just a boy and his toy gun
Dying for attention.
Dying for attention

Dog Eat Dog is criminally underrated. It just came out at the wrong time and didn't get a lot of promotion.