Sonic Movie Thread - From a Disastrous Teaser/Trailer to Not That Bad a Movie

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Now that I think about it, it's surprising that there aren't a bunch of people screaming about the Echidna's being some kind of racist stereotype. Guess that will also have to wait for the sequel.
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Domo Arigato
I don't think this has anything to do with the Console Wars, Bob got himself all erect over Birds of Prey and how it told the "MEN!" to fuck off..and Sonic came in with it's actual respect for the Fandom and kicked it's ass 8 ways from Sunday.
What's funny is that I don't think Bob got the message that by "MEN!", they meant all men, not just the ones who run toxic relationships.

Yeah, but if you join in the feminist crusade it's supposed to ease your inherent guilt of being male. And then if you don't loudly support all of their stupid anti-men crap, you look like some poser who's just trying to get a hookup. But I'm totally sure guys like Bob would never have any kind of underhanded purpose like that.