Sonichu Sonichu 14 - Lead-up to the Merge


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I want to know what the idea guys (Boyd and whatsisname) think of all this. They were the ones that started all the stupidity with the Neptunia CPU shart. Did they expect Chris would go this all out with it? Do they feel bad at all for what they've done? I guess they rationalise it to themselves as Chris being mad anyway, but without their input none of this shit about merges, goddess powers or marrying his sonichus would have happened. Chris's mental state has degenerated enormously with all this imaginary bullcrap, and I want to know if Boyd & co feel guilty in any way (doubtful, I know).

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Well, if there still were any doubt about the heart attack being bullshit or not, there you go. He really had like a gazillion heart attacks in 15 seconds and then immediately began drawing a comic about it, like most heart attack victims do.

If his parents bothered to tell him not to eat like a fucking farm animal and chew with his mouth shut (they probably were content enough with him managing to hold a spoon without gouging his eyes out with it) maybe fatso would not swallow so much air and he could manage to hold his gas on both ends.

Only Chris can try to make "I'm a lardass manbaby who can't control any of his sphicnters" into "petite animu goddess' universe shattering epic adventure".

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What in the ever loving, god fearing FUCK did I just read?

Chris has written some crazy shit in his day, but this. . .I mean, the whole Merge stuff and Chris thinking that he's a goddess is nothing new, he's been spouting that blasphemy for a while. But he's writing this as if this is supposed to be his own version of the Bible, The Holy First Testament of the Book of CWC.

Also oh my god, page 6. I. . .I don't even know what to say to all of that. I'm sure he was far from the only crazy on the dance floor that day and as such may not have been the only one doing it but just imagine him there with all his pony bangles and baubles on, slowly revolving with his arms out like he's holding someome, staring pallidly and blissfully off into space. . .

This downward spiral he's on has gone from being a gentle slide to a fucking Willy Wonka-esque bullet train ride.


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The '3 heart attacks in a minute' line stuck out to me.
We know that estrogen cream he buttered himself with over and over again isn't good for his already cholesterol clogged heart. At this point it wouldn't shock me if he really is having serious health problems and is just like 'its Godbearjesus giving me super special powers!'


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First Sonichu was ruined by the ponies, and now this Merge nonsense.

Of course I use the word "ruined" ironically. :'(
Is this Christine's version of a Marvel/DC multi-book event? Sonichu: Civil Gulf War III: Monsters Inc. Multiversity! The stakes have never been higher

Okay, what the fuck is even happening here?:
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This is especially bad, even for Chris.
It looks like storyboarding but essentially the woman is shielding the sonic animal behind it with a force field from some sort of energy blast, the arms outstretched pose is very typical of this sort of thing in anime. There's the strong lines of the blast aimed at the animal/her chest, and the malicious force is being dispersed into the wavy lines you see in the periphery, rippling out safely as the barrier holds.
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