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After watching black mirror season 5,
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The VR technology on that episode can fulfill his wishes: one of them is fucking others in the body of a fictional character.

Additional: the VR can trigger certain parts of his brain like pain and orgasm. If that's the case, talented wèéns will create a 3d model of magichan and the rest of his concubines for him.
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Ok so I just read part of the new pages. Some have said this is batshit insane (which I do agree with). However, what Chris is doing is something akin to what a small child does when he/she has problems. Children often act out what problems they may have in order for people to understand better. Autistics tend to do the same thing even after they reach maturity. In a way, this comic is similar to the "Conversation with Dr. Wolf" video Chris did this past winter. It's a way for him to cope with what he believes is going on around him so others can understand.

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now instead relies solely on his imagination.
Chris has no imagination, his only "imagination" is plagiarizing things from animes he watches - and since he doesn't watch anything good and instead is watching stuff intended for 10-year-old girls, this is what we get transplanted into Sonichu (like all the CPU non-sense which he has based his entire identity on). Remember we are talking about a guy who so thoroughly lacks imagination that he couldn't be bothered to come up with anything more creative than Sonic Pikachu as title for his life's work.


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It wouldn't be a Sonichu comic without a great big wall of text. With this merge storyline, it's like Chris is stuck in some kind of limbo in the Sonichu storyline. Nothing is really happening unless someone else is influencing the events and Chris is just there to look important and share/take the credit.
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Honestly, this wasn't that much worse than the majority of books Marvel puts out these days. Like, "I even personally participated in super-heroically saving many days" sounds completely like something Gail Simone would write these days.
That being said, does this mean Chrissy doesn't consider himself the fathermother of all Sonichus anymore? I guess the incest was too much even for him. Also, that was an awful lot of retcons from someone who considers reboots are equal to murdering your OCs.

Okay, what the fuck is even happening here?:
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This is especially bad, even for Chris.
Did Chrissy rip Sandy Rosechu's legs off? That's pretty hardcore.
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Okay, what the fuck is even happening here?:
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This is especially bad, even for Chris.
Yeah, but at least I can sort of make out what's going on in this panel with Chris trying to show how "heroic" he's been by "defending" innocent Sonichus/Rosechus from evil. It's the one before it that has me utterly baffled.


This is without a doubt one of the worst drawings Chris has ever made imo - and that's saying something. It makes me long for the days when Chris actually gave a shit about his comic even though it was just as big of a preachy ego rub as this one is.