Sonichu Sonichu 14 - Lead-up to the Merge

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I want to know what the idea guys (Boyd and whatsisname) think of all this. They were the ones that started all the stupidity with the Neptunia CPU shart. Did they expect Chris would go this all out with it? Do they feel bad at all for what they've done? I guess they rationalise it to themselves as Chris being mad anyway, but without their input none of this shit about merges, goddess powers or marrying his sonichus would have happened. Chris's mental state has degenerated enormously with all this imaginary bullcrap, and I want to know if Boyd & co feel guilty in any way (doubtful, I know).
They're laughing about how hard they "owned" Chris because they're unfunny edgy faggots. You know this

The "lol why's it still called Sonichu when Sonichu does nothing" joke gets thrown around a lot but goddamn, the title character's been reduced to "and I became BFFs with him, anyway here's more about me and my husband." It's pretty clear Chris gives zero fucks about the Sonichu character anymore. Hell, if the Idea Guys had had him "marry" some pony or some shit Chris wouldn't give a shit about Magichan either. He's all in on animu CPUs and ponies now, Sonic shit is passé now.


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Anyone willing to make an amateur attempt in editing the pages by digitalizing and coloring them? That would be great.
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Fingers crossed this will be more art than textwalls. Well, at least the normal Sonichu 0-9 ratio of lulzy art/lulzy writing. Not at all excited if this turns out to be Sonichu 16-2.


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Yeah, but at least I can sort of make out what's going on in this panel with Chris trying to show how "heroic" he's been by "defending" innocent Sonichus/Rosechus from evil. It's the one before it that has me utterly baffled.

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This is without a doubt one of the worst drawings Chris has ever made imo - and that's saying something. It makes me long for the days when Chris actually gave a shit about his comic even though it was just as big of a preachy ego rub as this one is.
At a rough guess, Chris was suddenly reincarnated as an anencephalic child (that's without a brain, google it if you dare) and the resultant thunderous belch it forced him to let out shocked reality back to our universe, where he's just a fat sped with a pony horn (and a skull, although whether it contains a brain is debateable). It's the only explanation I can think of for the shape of this poor character's head.


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On side note, why did Chris upload Page 8, even though it's an incomplete page that's blank?

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Anyone willing to take a guess on what Page 8 might be?
He said that this was only the beginning of The Holy Book of CWC the comic that chronicled the "mutual events between the dimensions as the merge completes", so I can only guess that it was made so that he could continue it when he was ready, and then posted by accident. As for what page 8 might contain when its filled out, bronycon is coming around again soon so if he attends probably something related to that.