Sonichu Sonichu 15 - Chris rips off Rosechu's Story comic


Wonderful memories, wonderful memories
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Okami Green

Negative Person™
For a split second I was surprised by how good the composition and structure was of the comic and then I remembered it's literally copied frame by frame from someone else.
It got me for a second there too. Then I realized the text to illustration ratio was inverted from what we normally see. He didn't even try to hide the fact he copied Rosechu :o

The Lizard Queen

Lizard boobs. Your argument is invalid.
This is like... Autism-ception...
-Autist makes a crappy comic based on someone else's properties that he has no rights to...
-Actual artist makes a parody comic to poke fun at the Autist's stolen ideas.
- Autist makes a crappy comic based on the ideas of the actual artist that were based off his own stolen ideas.

It's an endless loop.

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