Sonichu Sonichu 15 - Chris rips off Rosechu's Story comic

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It wouldn't surprise me. Chris can protest all that he wants that he loves all of his electric hedgehog abominations, but it's become ever more obvious that Magi-Chan is the only one that he gives a flying fuck about.
It's common for artists to exercise favouritism towards their sexual partners. It's just unusual for said partners to be fictional.

Chris's pride, his joy and the pinnacle of his creativity - is a fanfic of pokemon and sonic.

Now, his pride, his joy and the one thing sucking up most of his creative time is - a clearly stupid idea started by an idiot who conned him out of thousands of dollars.

You think he's ever just stopped what he was doing and properly thought about this? Maybe he did once, but just crashed into slumber before waking up and re-slicing his unclit.

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