Sonichu Sonichu Fan Jam - Director Amenities, part 2 - Finally on its way!

Which comic jam should we prioritize right now?

  • We should focus on finishing both previous jams.

    Votes: 23 48.9%
  • Let's prioritize Prideful, it's almost finished!

    Votes: 6 12.8%
  • D.A. no.1 needs more attention, there's still a good number of pages missing!

    Votes: 6 12.8%
  • Let's sail to new seas and go for D.A. no.2, let the latecomers finish at their own pace.

    Votes: 12 25.5%

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UPDATE: some pages are still up for adoption here.

Hello, my fellow Kiwis!

So, with me finally assuming my duties as the host of these jams again (once again, sorry for taking so long) and the previous two collabs slowly but surely nearing completion, I thought it'd be a good time to make a thread for our next step, redoing the second half of Sonichu #10 or our liking. This is nothing too serious at the moment there are no deadlines yet, I'm just trying to gauge your interest. Think of it as the alpha stage of the jam if you will.

As you know, both previous jams also have a few pages missing, the first half of Director Amenities more so than Prideful. A good number of Kiwis have replied to my reminders, either saying the'll be able to finish by late May\Early June or resigning their pages. The rest of the latecomers have till mid May, let's say May 15th, to decide whether they'd still like to finish their pages or not. If I don't get any replies till then, I'll probably give up your pages for adoption, so please contact contact me if you'd still like to complete your assignment.

As for the rest of Sonichu #10, feel free to write a comment if you'd like to participate or if you have any suggestions or criticism, I swear I can take it like a big boy! Everyone is welcome to apply, even latecomers, though unless you've already done so, at least tell us if you still intend on finishing your previous page or not. There's also a little poll for you to tell me on what should we focus the most: the completion of older jams or getting this brand spankin' new one going.

While I don't want to give a hard deadline for application yet, I'll say the new jam will probably start somewhere around mid June, depending on how many Kiwis we can recruit for our noble cause. If the demand is high enough, we can also tackle all the bonus stuff, like Chrissy's revised pages regarding the fate of the Asperpedia Four or how Kathleen tried to smuggle some wacky tobacky into prison inside his coochie hole. As always, you'll have your page randomly assigned to you, and you can reinterpret you page in any way imaginable as long as it has some semblance to the original. Tone, themes, media used, it's all up to you!

So, feel free to tell me if you're in, give me suggestions or to just lounge a bit. Don't forget to bring some music to chill to, though! Let me start:

Pages glossary:
Page 56: @BeanieGuy
Page 57: Salt Water Taffy
Page 58: @Coelacanth
Page 59: @Spiraling Rainbow
Page 60: @Bardle-B Jones
Page 61: @Devilish Jack o Lantern
Page 62: Cedric-Eff
Page 63: _blank_
Page 64: MerriedxReldnahc
Page 65: ShittyRecolor
Page 66: @jc17
Page 67: Sexy Senior Citizen
Page 68: Picklechu
Page 69: @Rikka Takarada 2
Page 70: @Dilligaff
Page 71: Hoodie
Page 72: @Botched Tit Job
Page 73: @colibricheese
Page 74: @Pizzavore
Page 75: Shabobus
Page 76: WutangLee
Page 77: TatsunoKuri
Page 78: @liquid_cash
Page 79: Zap Rowsdower
Page 80: ghostyTrickster
Page 81: Maple
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Count me in. And let me know if you need any missing pages from any former jams done as well.

My musical contribution:
Hell yeah, loved your pencil drawing of ol' Darkbind.

I guess I'll throw my hat into the ring once again. At least irl copic drawings can't be as easy to corrupt as a hard drive so I have a lot more time on my hands right now.

Here's my offering when it comes to chill tracks:
Ah, if it isn't one of my favorite jammers! Nice to see you too on board again.


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I’m in as always!
I've expected nothing less of you, fellow Honkler!

NOT participating, just wanted to give the gift of music ~
Thank you for the musical offering, I'll make sure not to accidentally include you on my list of participants like I did with poor @Nurse Ratchet .
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I'm up for it. I'll try to loosen up this time around, I spent to much time obsessing on how certain things looked that I ended up neglecting a butt load of other things.
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Bardle-B Jones

The Great and Powerful Nazi Jester
Oh, you know you can count me in.

I'll have my current assignment done in a couple of days, then I'll be on board for this.

The Mighty Father will return peace to Mother Cwcville
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Oh, you know you can count me in.

I'll have my current assignment done in a couple of days, then I'll be on board for this.

The Mighty Father will return peace to Mother Cwcville
My God, imagine that beautiful choir being replace by a bunch of Sonichus that sound Chris Chan's impression of his golden child... GodBearJesus wept.

I've finally got some free time for the forseeable future. I think I'll take a crack at this. Sign me up.
As far as chill music goes...
Hopefully your avatar will symbolic to the joy and enthusiasm with which you'll handle your page!
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