Sonichu Sonichu Fan Jam - Director Amenities, part 2 - Finally on its way!

Which comic jam should we prioritize right now?

  • We should focus on finishing both previous jams.

    Votes: 23 48.9%
  • Let's prioritize Prideful, it's almost finished!

    Votes: 6 12.8%
  • D.A. no.1 needs more attention, there's still a good number of pages missing!

    Votes: 6 12.8%
  • Let's sail to new seas and go for D.A. no.2, let the latecomers finish at their own pace.

    Votes: 12 25.5%

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Awright folks, now I'm back for real, sorry forthe wait!

At the moment we have 23 participants so far for 38 pages, not counting the 4 extra pages (one of which is just Harvey Blaziken's repeated logorrhea) or the 7 page Amish reboot. I kinda would've preferred to have a little more participants, but I guess this ain't too bad either. I understand not everyone has the time or interest to always be ready for some jammin' goodness.

So, the participants so far are @Botched Tit Job , @Bardle-B Jones , @Cedric_Eff , @liquid_cash , @_blank_ , @Picklechu , @MerriedxReldnahc , @BeanieGuy , @colibricheese , @jc17 , @Coelacanth , @Sexy Senior Citizen , @Devilish Jack o Lantern , @Pizzavore , @Hoodie , @Shabobus , @Rikka Takarada 2 , @Dilligaff , @TatsunoKuri , @Spiraling Rainbow , @WutangLee , @Salt Water Taffy (She PM'd me she can join our jam after all! Yaaaay!) and myself.

@Salt Water Taffy unfortunately couldn't make it this time, let's wish her luck and success with dealing with whatever has come up, and that it's nothing too severe. You can always join later if you feel up for it, Taffy!

I'm also inviting @Dollars2010 , @Danskjaevel , @YourMommasBackstory , @TrunksFromDragonballGT and @Subconcious Offense . If you guys have the time and would like to jam some more, feel free to join the fun!

I'd love to see more people join if anyone else's interested, but I also think I've put this jam off for long enough. Imma give you all our randomly assigned pages on Friday. People will still get a page if they want to join after than, but I really wanted to gives something to do at last to the Kiwis who are still ready, willing and able.

I'll also try to poke around the latecomers and those who still have some pages to complete, see which of them are still game. I'm sorry I didn't organize these jams better, I just really wanted to have as many different Kiwis and styles as possible. Still, this is just something we do as a hobby, so no need to get too miffed about things not going according to plan!

Oh, and let's also keep the idea of presenting the Amish Reboot as sugar coated propaganda, only to include how the Asperpedia Four's trials has really gone down afterwards. I will probably be a more relevant discussion one we reach the final handful pages of Sonichu 10, but those of you who'd like to have an Amish page might want to concentrate on a more cutesy style.

That's are for not, thank you for all of your patience and enthusiasm! If any of you have suggestions, criticism or anything of the sort, feel free to comment!
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I can potentially do two pages if we remain short on people.
Thanks, mate! If the number of participants remains the same, i.e. 20 by Friday, I'll distribute the first 20 of the remaining pages amongst ourselves, or adjust the number in case we get some more Kiwis to join us by then. Ideally I would love to have as many participants as we have pages remaining, but maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep things a little more intimate this time around. We shall see!


Don't you got better things than reading this?
Director Amenities is unironically one Chris' few accomplishments in his nearly 40 year life. I'm down for some if you still have room available.
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Quick update: my internet keeps disconnecting at random. I think I'll be able to have it fixed by Saturday, but unfortunately I won't be able to randomly asdign pages till then. Sorry about the inconvenience.
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Sorry about the triplepost, and thank you for your patience, all of you! Since my net connection is still a little wobbly (my provider says it might stay like this for another day due to the weather), I'll forego sending everyone a separate PM and instead present the result of assigning a page to you via here.

Page 56: @BeanieGuy
Page 57: @Salt Water Taffy
Page 58: @Coelacanth
Page 59: @Spiraling Rainbow
Page 60: @Bardle-B Jones
Page 61: @Devilish Jack o Lantern
Page 62: @Cedric_Eff
Page 63: @_blank_
Page 64: @MerriedxReldnahc
Page 65: ShittyRecolor
Page 66: @jc17
Page 67: @Sexy Senior Citizen
Page 68: @Picklechu
Page 69: @Rikka Takarada 2
Page 70: @Dilligaff
Page 71: @Hoodie
Page 72: @Botched Tit Job
Page 73: @colibricheese
Page 74: @Pizzavore
Page 75: @Shabobus
Page 76: @WutangLee
Page 77: @TatsunoKuri
Page 78: @liquid_cash
Page 79: @Zap Rowsdower
Page 80: @ghostyTrickster
Page 81: @Maple

Here you go, fellow Kiwis! Hope you'll have fun with your pages, and don't forget you have all the freedom to interpret you page any way you please. Let the jamming commence!
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Thank you!

Oooooh I get to do my own take on the Asperchu characters! Awesome!
That's the spirit!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention: Despite the jam being active at last, anyone can still join in and get one of the remaining page.

There we go, sorry just noticed the thread had been updated, I guess the original notice I got for getting tagged a few days ago got lost in the DDoS nonsense going on.

Woah boy, look at all that text. Time to get creative.
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