Sonichu Sonichu Fan Jam: Director Amenities - Can we tackle this bad boy?


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Howdy guys! Ready for some more Sonichu fan jam goodness? Prepare yourself though, cause we're going to tackle the big mamma jamma itself, the infamous masturbatory revenge fantasy that is issue 10! IN ITS ENTIRETY!!!

Just like before, our aim is to get enough Kiwis to participate so we cane cover issue 10 in its entirety, where your job would be loosely adapting your received page using a medium of your choosing. You can play around with the panel layout, change the text slightly, add characters, play around with the plot a little, make it as cool, funny, subversive or wholesome as you like, as long as you page ends up being awesome.

How many participants we need, you ask? Well, while issue 10 is unquestionably one of the longest entries of OPL's Magnum Opus, there's few elements that slightly complicate the issue (for me at least): like, should we also tackle the two pages worth of fan art added to the end, as well as that mock-advertisement for CWC's pipedream Adult Adventures, not to mention that repeat of Harley Blaziken's stupid speech. There's also the cover: it only features Chris Chan Sonichu, so we can't make an awesome, one-character-per-artist collage like we did back with Issue 9, but we could either handle it as a separate page of one Kiwi to tackle or have multiple jammer make their own interpretations of it, from which I could shoop together a montage for the cover of our jam.

There's alo the revised ending of sending the Asperpedia Four to an Amish camp instead of, you know, their death. While I think we can all agree that the original 3edgy5you ending is just way too lulzy and Christorically significant to just pass up, it might be a good idea to keep them around as reserve pages in case we get some latecomer again who would wish to join after all the original pages have been occupied.

Everybody's welcome to participate! Kiwis such as @Cedric_Eff , @Bardle-B Jones and @Lesbian Sleepover have already expressed their desire to participate in this new jam, but I urge everyone wating to be part of this to leave a comment in this thread. I say let's see how many people we can recruit till Jamuary 10, Just to see if we need to split this jam up to two parts or if we can cover it all in one go. In the following days I will try to shamelessly advertise this new jam in various relevant threads here at the Farms, but if some of you fellow Kiwis know of peeps on this site who would probably like to participate but don't frequent CWC's section of the Farms it'd be great help if you could help spread the word and let you fellow artistically inclined Kiwis know what's a-brewin' around here. We also welcome people who ended up not being able to finish their pages for the previous jam in case they feel like they'll have the time for this one. Those of you who are still working on your pages for the previous jam are also welcome, but please make sure to finish your older pages before starting to work on these new ones.

I'm in a bit of a hurry now, but I'll update this OP with more details. Till then, thank you all for showing so much interest in these new jamborees and I'm looking forward to working with all of you again!


My dearest Kiwis, sorry for vanishing and not giving you any updates till now! I've gotten pretty ill around New Year's Eve (something that must've been lingering in me since last August's pneumonia), which, combined with a bunch of crap I had to take care of these last few weeks, meant that I had barely any time to do anything besides what was absolutely necessary.

While we didn't manage to gather as many people as I had hoped for (mainly because my lack of activity), EDIT: Disregard that, I suck cocks: we have 53 participants so far! That is amazing, thank you all for showing this much interest depsite me being such a terrible host! I think it'd be a dick move to let everyone wait for much longer. I'll see how much more people we can gather till this Friday, and then begin to randomly assign pages from the first part if the comic (as many pages as we have participants). If we get some more volunteers after withing the few days after Friday, I'll assign them a page right as well, and then figure out the deadline for the actual bunch of pages.

I'll also start updating the OP with all the participants that have shown interest in either of the two comic jam threads or through PMs, please scream at me if you want to jam but don't see your name mentioned in the OP later this day. I also have to cut tie with Imgur, those hateful bigots are still not letting pics hosted there be shown here, even after me messing around with the URLs. Seriously, fuck 'em!

The Jammin' cool participants I could count so far are:
@Bardle-B Jones , @Lesbian Sleepover , @4-Cent Barbage , @FreeHugs , @Picklechu , @Chrus Chundlur , @Rikka Takarada , @cuevasen , @kwyjibo , @LofaSofa , @Agent of Erebos , @Trilby , @dysentery , @White bubblegum , @TrunksFromDragonballGT , @liquid_cash , @jc17 , @admiral , @Coelacanth , @Snuckening , @Salt Water Taffy , @Beta Faggot , @YourMommasBackstory , @Botched Tit Job , @_blank_ , @mertyville , @Zap Rowsdower , @Cedric_Eff , @Second_Missing_Primarch , @Dark Sleeper , @Incognito Mood , @Dark Sleeper , @Guardian G.I. , @Debrotherized Luigi , @cohensd , @sparklemilhouse , @FatFuckFrank , @Gym Leader Elesa , @CWCissey , @Dilligaff , @Danskjaevel , @John Furrman , @SpaceAce , @UtopiaGuy , @Spiraling Rainbow , @Hetalio Deviantart , @Devilish Jack o Lantern , @SummerShorts , @MerriedxReldnahc , @Pizzavore , @Based Tom Nook , @camopattern , and me ShittyRecolor.

I cannot stress how much I appreciate how much of you Kiwis have shown interest despite my shortcomings, with 50+ participants we will easily be able to cover Director Amenities in two parts.

Thank you so much for your patience and for putting up with my shit!

Deadlines aren't handled very strictly around here, but let's say you all got till February 18th to finish your pages. Of course you can have some extra time after that, but please be sure to ask for it either in this thread or via PM just so I can keep track of things easier.

Don't forget that no medium is tabboo here, you can use any tool you'd like to create your masterpiece: pencils, crayons, paint, digital, pixel art, sculpture, paper maché, etc. Hell, I wouldn't even mind someting more out there, like reenacting the whole thing with hand puppets or text art. You can also take lots of artistic liberties and change things up as much as your like as long as your art is still vaguely recognizable as an interpetation\parody of Chris' original page.

EDIT: Finally kicked myself in the ass enough to update all the submitted pictures!

copyright page by camopattern
01 - mertyville
02 - Coming Soon!
03 - MerriedxReldnahc
04 - Cedric_Eff
05 -Firesharpie
06 - blank
07 - Based Tom Nook
08 - Zap Rowsdower
09 - Cedric-Eff
10 - Salt Water Taffy
11 - dysentery
12 - Dollars2010
13 - Sexy Senior Citizen
14 - Devilish Jack o Lantern
15 - Dilligaff
16 - Coming Soon!
17 - Trilby
18 - Dark Sleeper
19 - Coelacanth
20 - liquid_cash
21 - Coming Soon!
22 - Coming Soon!
23 - Cedric_Eff
24 - admiral
25 - TatsunoKuri
26 - Coming Soon!
27 - Incognito Mood
28 - Pizzavore
29 - UtopiaGuy
30 - Rikka Tarakada
31 - Chrus Chundlur
32 - sparklemilhouse
33 - Nurse Rathet feat. Jenffer A. Jay and Pepito
34 - Coming Soon!
35 - Coming Soon!
36 - Bardle-B Jones
37 - Coming Soon!
38 - MerriedxReldnahc
39 - ShittyRecolor
40 - Picklechu
41 - Cedric_Eff
42 - Coming Soon!
43 - Hetalio Deviantart
44 - John Furrman
45 - jc17
46 - Spiraling Rainbow
47 - Danskjaevel
48 - Coelacanth
49 - Coming Soon!
50 - Botched Tit Job
51 - CWCissey
52 - White Bubblegum
53 - SpaceAce
54 - Bardle-B Jones
55 - ShittyRecolor
56 - Shabobus

Gallery at DA

Took me a while to find a good image hosting website that doesn't spam you to pieces with shitty ads (I know adblock is a thing, but still). Leave it to me to do this a day before the big maintenance shut down, amirite?

Speaking of which, look like all your latecoming Kiwis will have some extra time to work on your pages. See you all after KF's successfull migration, hopefully it won't take too long! Till then, take it easy, have fun and never forget how fantastic you all are!
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Preferred pronouns: shit\shits\shitself
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I'm in too - even though I've had to cut it short on the Sonichu 11 Fan Jam I'd still love to tackle the god-tier wankfest that is Issue 10.

And if the character collage is going to happen I'd like dibs on Magi-Chan/Derek if possible? Thanks!
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