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Many of you Kiwis must remember those awesome Sonichu-themed comic jam collaborations thought up and organized by the one and only @_blank_ . As they were incredibly fun and resulted in many amazing and hilarious artwork by you guys, I was wondering if you'd be game for a brand spanking new jam, this time organized by ol' ShittyRecolor!

As the first (and hopefully not only) subject of this soon to be artistic jamboree I think Sonichu episode 26: Prideful from issue 12 would be a good start, as seen here on the CWCki:

As the episode is 44 pages long (together with that lovely spread with Jamsta and Lolisa), we're gonna need 44 participants in total, myself included (to quote OPL: I wouldn't miss out on this action!). I'm gonna be pretty much copying the way Blank was doing thing, so once 44 of you have applied to participate I'll randomly assign a page to each of you (probably via some kinda list randomiser, like, and let you know which page was chosen for you by chanec via PMs. Following this, let's say you have till December 1st to complete your page. In case you need more time or chage your mind, please let me know in in time so someone else interested can take over your page.

As for the jamming itself, I don't really have any hard rules as much as some guidelines you may or may not follow. You can choose whatever tools, artstyle or craft you like to recreate your page, may it be traditional drawing, digital, photography, clay figures, paper maché, collage, whatever floats your boat. Whether you want to make something hilarious, cool, cutesy, bombastic, subvertive or horrific, its's all up to you as long as the characters are vaguely recognisable. You can play around with the page layout, add extra dialogue\panels or sligthly change the text, but the text should generally be the same, or at least convey the same message. You also don't have to stick with the original page size as long as it's still a single page. Character designs can also be changed up to your heart's content as long as the characters are still vaguely recognisable. Again, these aren't hard rules, just recommendations, so it's not like you'll get disqualified if you, say, replace the dialogue with Lorem Ipsum or something. It might be fun to choose a theme song for your submission, though!

That's all for now, my fellow Kiwis. I'm still new to organizing this kinda stuff, so feel free to tell me in case you have any questions, recommendations, critique or catch me forgetting something crucial. I say let's see if we can get 44 participants till this Saturday, which is October 27. In case we don't have a Kiwi for each page I might have to ask for a few volunteers if they could do an extra page. Till then, have fun!

EDIT: In case you need some inspiration or just want to see some awesome art, here are the previous fan jams:

A million thanks to @Bardle-B Jones for suggesting to uptade the OP with these links.

Also, here are most of the previous submissions on google drive courtesy to Blank:

FAN JAM #2 - CWC DEFENSE (with bonus stuff) -
FAN JAM #3 - SONICHU XMAS - (Note: the Xmas Fan Jam kinda fell through as we never fully completed all the pages)

EDIT no.2: decided to make a little list of people shwowing interest in participating so far, just to make things easier to follow. So far our merry band of radical little jamstas include:

@_blank_ , @Bardle-B Jones , @Picklechu , @Lesbian Sleepover , @Lioness (might depend of her schedule), @cheersensei , @Shabobus , @YourMommasBackstory , @Zap Rowsdower , @Cedric_Eff , @admiral , @RainbowFart , @Macho Man , @Quijibo69 , @Salt Water Taffy , @Cantaloupine , @MerriedxReldnahc , @MoogleVoodoo , @Trilby , @Subconcious Offense , @cosmos1092 , @awoo , @Scratch This Nut , @[The impetuous] Akigawa , @Toxinophile , @2spooky ,@Dollars2010 , @HickoryDickory , @aron , @Danskjaevel , @Purple Stuff , @King n Yellow , @CWC-curious-man , @Dr. Stuart , @Curt Sibling (HOLY SHIT!), @Miel67 , @Coelacanth ,Mystery Kiwi , @dysentery , @Dark Sleeper , @mertyville , @TrunksFromDragonballGT , @liquid_cash and myself

If anyone else that has already left a comment wants to participate but wasn't mentioned, please let me know. And of course, we welcome everyone who wants to redraw a page till we have all 44 of them covered (maybe even more, depending on the demand).

November has barely even started, but we already have a couple awesome pages, not to mention some lovely drafts and sketches. It's high time I had made a little glossary for the jam, I'll keep updating them as the pages roll in.

EDIT: Finally found a (more or less) worthy host for our glorious comic jam after Imgur's disgusting betrayal: Flickr! The links below should be working fine now, if you're interested please check if they all function correctly!

Updated pages list here.

Don't forget you can update your submission anytime in case you find something you're unhappy with.
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Preferred pronouns: shit\shits\shitself
Can I join in? How do I join?
Of course you can! By expressing your desire to participate you're already in. Anyone can apply till we have a Kiwi for each 44 pages.

So this is basically recreating pages in our style?

I'm in. This is going to be fun.

Got any links to the previous jams?
Great! And yes, you can choose whatever tone, style or medium you want, just be creative. You can even play around with the text or extra panels as long as it still has some semblance of the original page or characters.

@_blank_ 's original jams can still be found at the Farms. Some of the photobucket links at the table of contents might not work, but if you go through the thread you can still find the submissions as they where uploaded by their respective artists:

Bardle-B Jones

The Great and Powerful Nazi Jester
What do you do if the page is just a wall of text? Looks like there are a few.
Well, if you get the short stick of the draw, think of it as getting a lot more room to be creative.

Take this below example by @Tommy "Shrimp eyes" Mcgee. He takes a bunch of text in the bottom half and expands it into several more panels that have comedic faces and reactions.

The original
The Fan Jam Entry

Bardle-B Jones

The Great and Powerful Nazi Jester
Here's a thunk:

When finished, we send a copy to Chris as a Christmas present. As fans of Sonichu, we recreated one of his most recent works with our own flare, as a sign of how much we love the series and the joy he has brought in our lives.

He'll throw a hissy fit, criticize it for not being perfect, beg for money, then shit himself.