Sonichu Sonichu Fan Jam: Prideful - Age of Tard(ines)s - ShittyRecolor tries it: ripping off Blank


Preferred pronouns: shit\shits\shitself
Heyy there people!

After countless delays (very sorry about that) I finally managed to finish page 28! I hope you like it. The format is a bit unusual in shape, as you can see, and pretty small in size, ca 18 x 19,5 cm.

This is just a picture I took of it, I might get access to a scanner tomorrow, but not too sure about that yet. Updating this post in case I get to scan it, otherwise I'll have to wait until next Friday (when I can use my home scanner again!).

All of this is canon by the way.
You continue to astonish us all with your art, man! I love how the whole the monumental clash of these autistic deities dissolves into inky abyss, as if to symbolize the sheer futility of CWCville as OPL's safe haven. If we ever manage to adapt this jam into an audiobook, this page needs to have a truly epic to play during it.

Last few weeks were kinda all over the place of me, but I promise to pick up the slack and start updating the pages soon!
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