Sonichu finally goes full trans -

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"The Autist who Sold the World"
Pictures from Chris' Facebook.

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween from Cwcville!

The leading family are theming with Equestria Girls. Sonichu, Rosechu and Robbie are wearing wigs. Christine had her hair colored special for her Twilight Sparkle outfit. I think Robbie looks awesome with the rainbow hair. Cera looks sassy as Applejack. And Sonichu and Rosechu look great as Canonical Friends in the MLP universe: Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody.

Stay Safe while Trick-or-Treating, escorting the children on the outing, or while partying.




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I got a chuckle out of Chris's correction on Sonichuas

Also of course Chris doesn't know how copyrights work.

So if Chris dressed up as that DJ pony for a cosplay event, and now he draws Sonichu in the same DJ pony outfit does that mean that Chris and Sonichu are the same person in his head?

More or less, try to wrap your head around this: Chris appears as himself (as a god-emperor mayor) in the comics and uses Sonichu to do his bidding. but when Chris isn't shown in the comic Sonichu is more or less Chris. Yeah, it's as autistic as it sounds.
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