Sonichu finally goes full trans

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    We need a 3PL
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Eye of the Shiticane
May 26, 2013
But didn't he also mention in that one video how they literally wanted to commit him or did I misunderstand that? There was this one video in which he was lamenting how he missed everyone and he also mentioned that?

Chris also once said that a principal once assaulted him so he could have a recording of Chris' screams.


He actually fucked his mum
True & Honest Fan
Jun 2, 2014
But you forgot the most important thing: how do Sonichu and Rosechu fit in?
Oh thats easy: they're two background characters who have been given this illusion of grandeur by the fans when in actuality their presence is pretty inconsequential to the actual story taking place, yet they're the ones people want merch of.


Domo Arigato
Oct 1, 2013
So if Chris dressed up as that DJ pony for a cosplay event, and now he draws Sonichu in the same DJ pony outfit does that mean that Chris and Sonichu are the same person in his head?
You mean they weren't already?

Anyways, this doesn't surprise me in the least. Though I am bewildered that it took this long to do it.
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