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Sonichu in TGTSonichu makes a cameo appearance...

Discussion in 'Sonichu' started by Snorlax, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. If any of you have kept track of the infamous Tails Gets Trolled webcomic, creator IIUpsideDownII/ lazerbot is shitting out a wonderful Sonichu cameo. Likely a few more pages to come.

    Definitely encapsulates the :autism:.

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    Snorlax Larger than the hoard itself.

  2. Of all the things to react to Chris will probably make a statement that Sonichu would never support Trump or building the wall.
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  3. Pretty sure Chris chan will start making a new Sonichu chapter called "Sonichu gets trolled and fights them."
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  4. What the fuck

    I thought the creator stoped updating his DA like 5 years ago
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    NIGGO KILLA We washed our hands in niggos blood

  5. More like Sonipoo, amiright?
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  6. That was actually pretty cool
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  7. That entire series has always been my own personal apex of poe's law, because I could not for the longest time discern whether it was truly an autistic idiot writing it or an autistic genius.

    Sometime around "Necromancer Elmer Fudd" it was clear that it was the pinnacle of modern art.
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    Unpleasant I tell you what

  8. Oh no, he just silently switched accounts and ground out years of TGT. Pretty sure it's on Chapter 21-22. He gets co-artists in it so that they can actually churn stuff out quicker... like this.
    They're also planning on revamping the entire thing with some extra help, so we might see even more Sonichu years down the line, who the hell knows?
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    Snorlax Larger than the hoard itself.

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