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Does anyone know why Sophia went offline?


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The Autistic Tranny
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Birdie aka Sophia, Jack or Lucifer is a has-been animation memer who puts all of her talent into making vents when her boyfriend doesn't want to ERP with her. She's infamous for her obsess

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Birdie is infamous for developing obsessions with other people and creators. Two of these people are Sleepykinq and Kittydog, the latter of which even drew Birdie porn. The main victim of this is Himeguts aka Hannah, who she dated on and off seven times. Birdie fluctuated between creating a shrine of her in her room to writing fantasies about disemboweling Hime and eating her organs.

Vent art and screenshots

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Her current plaything is Katx-x aka Jay, who she acts extremely possessive over. Birdie forced her ex Racco to be in a polyamorous relationship to expand her harem, and then procedded to ignore Racco the rest of the relationship and only come to her when she was horny. She doesn’t allow Kat to hang out with his friends and acts passive-aggressive when he enjoys his interests.

The cycle continues

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Birdie identifies as a gay trans man, but that could change any day now. Birdie changes sexualities every 6 months, depending on who she’s with. At one point she identified as trans, bisexual, demisexual and polyamorous at once.
Hime is hypersexual and her and Birdie participated in ERPs. After the relationship Birdie ran crying to YouTube claiming that Hime was “using” her for sex. For months afterwards she posted art of her sona literally lynching sex itself and kicking a pony that represented Hime in the crotch.
In July 2020, Birdie tried to pressure Kat into doing an ERP. Kat refused and Birdie had a complete meltdown, animating a vent and making a new sona for her horny side.

The real root of Birdie’s sexual crisis is Maddie, who groomed Birdie in early 2018. Birdie claims this to be the reason why she tried to get her ferret Chara to lick her pussy.

Sex repulsion

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Manipulation and zoophilia

Body image and self harm kink
Since 2017 Birdie has been known to have a kink for self-harm. She draws herself cutting herself open and even asks her server full of 13 to 16 year olds about the sharpness of a razor to cut herself with.
In late 2019, Birdie began to draw his sonas with visible ribs. This is because she has a fetish for them. She is turned on by touching her own ribs and desires to have an unhealthily skinny body.

Anti-Birdie fanbase
Often more cow-ish than Birdie herself are the people who hate her.
Birdie has openly spoken out against heterophobia, believing it will lead to straight people being killed for their sexuality. She's even fantasized about "sticking up for straight and cis people". The anti-Birdie community seems to believe him believing that neopronouns are dumb is his biggest crime.

Once again I posted this too early. So it's a WIP
YES FINALLY SHES ON THE FARMS! I've been waiting for this demon child to get on there. She's honestly one of the worst people in the animation meme community. I'm stocked that people aren't talk about this (well besides the whole cult shit).


I'd love to kiss you but i'm allergic to pork
Fun fact: Me and Birdie were sort of friends on Google plus (i think). She was every ounce of fucked as she is now. She used to talk shit about people (people that I thought were her friends) all the time, She also used to literally suicide bait/talk about how she wanted to harm family members. Kid was a mess. I'd pity the poor thing that created her, But I know better than to sympathize with shit parents.