Sophia "Potato" Banks / Daryl Banks - Self-Proclaimed Most Famous Trans Woman in Canada


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I said I'm not really interested in rat king as much at the moment, but I'll make an exception for this sperg that I've been meaning to piss off for a while for fun. I see their name brought up nearly all the time on Twitter and I've been told that they are a major power broker too. Most notably, they've been chewed apart by Cathy Brennan on both Twitter and Facebook, who I know has been lurking this website and reading a lot of the threads on people like this.

Compared to these idiots, I'm honestly siding with Brennan and I hope Daryl gets the message that I'm on her side when it comes to exposing him and other bisexual drag queens who were/are part of the Laurelai crew.

Now that I have two of their addresses thanks to @hood LOLCOW, I feel that I got enough material to really hammer them with, so let's begin.

The meat and potatoes (the addresses):

First of all, who the hell is Daryl Banks? This page that was uncovered has details about their work in "modern wedding photography" or at least that's what they did before they did a half-assed job at trying to transition to the opposite sex. Their dox in Canada's Yellow Pages that matches right up with the phone number and info described in that previous link. I've been told that this is Daryl's old work address and here it is.

Daryl Banks Photography
271 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2W6

Another address that was given to me was this:

112 Givins St Toronto Ontario Canada, 416-939-8223

I think the one above is likely their home address, but that probably should be double checked.

@Jaimas did a good post about more than a year ago on the 8th page of the Chloe Sagal thread about them and their involvement with people like Brianna Wu and other anti-GG losers. Here it is again in a quotation for quick reference:

Jokingly called "tranny Jay" because.... Well, fucking look at her, Sophia Banks is a certifiable nut-job who is noted for lengthy screeds about how her life is bad because of white straight people, and police. The first time she appeared in a work I knew about was in this video, where she appears alongside other insane SJWs:

For the short version, Sophia Banks is a tranny Geordie Tait, advocating any tactic, any trick, no matter how vile, against anyone who dares disagree with her masters. She first rose to prominence by seizing upon the chance to be Brianna Wu's personal attack dog. In short, after Pro-GGer CHOBITCOIN made a joke post in which she responded to a Ralph Retort post by posting with a Sniper Rifle, Brianna Wu took offense, and from there, it was a short trip to crazytown:

Sophia Banks at this point started relentlessly attacking CHOBITCOIN, and, apropos of nothing, claimed she had raped and assaulted people. Banks harassed this individual forover a fucking week before starting a fight with, of all people, Randi Harper. This led to an even bigger schism as people factionized behind two of the "big names" in the anti camp. Ultimately, Sophia Banks was suspended, though she's back now, and the resulting rift caused Randi Harper to declare Social Justice "over" and ditch most of her connections to Anti-GG now that ongoing investigations hace been locked onto her. As for Miss Banks, she's claiming she was recently sexually assaulted with no evidence and she never went to the cops (but she of course was able to bitch about it on Twitter). Draw your own conclusions.

Cathy Brennan feud:

Alright so Daryl is a certifiable nutcase, but let's go over his beef with Cathy, which goes back over a period of several years. I even saw a lot of tweets from them about Cathy written in 2013 and in the videos that Cathy did on Facebook, she takes the time to go over all of them and shows you just how obsessed this person is with her.

Daryl was so retarded and so intolerant of Cathy having a Twitter at all that he was part of a brigade of other tards to try to take her Twitter down back in 2013.

If you go over to Cathy's Twitter and search for any mentions for Daryl in the past 30 days, you will already find quite a lot on them. In fact, going through her Twitter feed is how I was able to find the gem where Cathy just completely destroys Daryl and exposes him for the drag queen that he really is.


Let's hope Kiwi Farms will be on this idiot's next thing to try to bring litigation against. All the information presented on this page is 100% true and nothing will ever change the fact that Daryl Banks is a bisexual drag queen and not a TRUE and HONEST transwomyn. Their shriveled up girlcock is probably way too tiny, shriveled up and uncircumcised to even go that far. :epik:

Cathy made several Facebook videos on this hateful white male for extra kek and if you watch the whole thing, Daryl does indeed try to blame his own suicide attempt on Cathy. Sadly, when I try to find the one I watched, I keep getting a message saying that the content isn't available anymore, but I will keep trying to see if Cathy uploaded it onto her Vimeo account. It was really amazing and it really exposed this guy for who he truly is.

Also from Cathy's Tumblr:

As usual, proof that this is rat king shit, but really if this cow proves to be much more than that, I'm willing to change the tag to something else like I did with the Nora Reed and Zinnia Jones threads. I see a lot of potential in them. With the whole Vordrak shit going on and Tommy Tooter now wanting to issue a criminal complaint about this website kind of business, I might as well bring this litigious tard into the fray for extra laughs. To be fair though, they seemed to have split off from Laurelai entirely if you go through the second link. to:NekoArc&src=typd to:stuxnetsource&src=typd to:sarahlicity&src=typd

In summation, bring on the full lawsuits, "Sophia." We'll we waiting for you to try to take this page down and what you would call libel.


I was having a good chat with Cathy Brennan herself to know what happened to the videos. Nothing to worry about and I think her Facebook will be back up in the future. She was very cordial in this discussion.

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I made a mistake with the OP, my bad. I had a picture of a better looking tranny on there because it was one of the first things that popped up in Google images. The one in the OP now is really them and they are fat, ugly and complete with a gross man face.


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Been following this batshit tranny on Twitter for years. He blames absolutely everything on transphobia - his shitty photography business going tits up when he decided to troon out (his photos were awful anyway), his apartment rental (landlord wanted to sell. Shit happens), his endless threatening everyone on Twitter that doesn't suck his shrivelled dick on demand etc. Haven't been around Twitter for ages now, but the last I heard he was claiming suicidal tendencies and spending his time in bars, desperate for any kind of attention and calling himself a 'sex worker' after he had a one night stand. He swore blind guys found him attractive as a female. Obviously he's lying, or the bar is full of guys with fuckawful constipation, because he passes about as well as a watermelon up the ass.

Oh, and he tried to sue his local women-only rape crisis centre (you know, the type that only exists due to charity) after he applied for a job there and they turned him down. Because he's a man and the last thing women who have just been raped want is a man in a dress and makeup demanding they treat him like a lady to make him feel better. Which he'd find obvious, if he wasn't such a narcissistic prick . A true feminist indeed!

The recent shenanigans @chimpburgers pulled with Fire, where the entire Rat King refused to believe they weren't "Natalie"? Daryl is like that, but with Cathy Brennan. His paranoia about a real, live female who won't lick his arse is hilarious to watch. He literally thinks she's behind every negative thing in his life.

If you disagree with him he'll claim hate speech/actually killing trans people and attempt to get you doxed/banned from Twitter/sacked from your job.

I believe he has the nickname 'potato'.
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He looks like one of those middle aged women who hangs out in bars and tries to flirt with the waiters while getting progressively drunker on whiskey sours and appletinis.

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I made a mistake with the OP, my bad. I had a picture of a better looking tranny on there because it was one of the first things that popped up in Google images. The one in the OP now is really them and they are fat, ugly and complete with a gross man face.
What do you mean??!! That is a very ladylike photo.


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You ever notice how the crazy tranny brigade and especially the Rat King are, almost to a man (pun intended) the sort of people who are, for lack of a better term, terrible fucking people? We have Chloe "Shrapnel Injury Charity" Sagal, Laurelai "Multiple Rapes" Bailey, Nora "PAY ME" Reed, Richard "Pedophilia is Great" Jones, and that's just the first few posts under the Rat King tag.

All of them "trans," all of them former SASS alumni, and all of them dangerously unsound of mind.

I have to know what's fucking wrong with these people, above the usual Autism. I must know.


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I have to know what's fucking wrong with these people, above the usual Autism. I must know.
Borderline personality disorder. Describes all of these people perfectly

I can guarantee they grew up in broken homes, were abused or had family members with serious mental illnesses. Then, when they become older, as the wiring in their brains has become ruptured they develop emotional problems and intense fears of abandonment. Its a classic cycle, and one which is too common in the United States because the health care and prison systems are so fucked