Sophie Labelle's Assigned Male - Original Thread - The Incredible Adventures of Stephie (Who Won't Shut Up About Being Trans)

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The Title says it all. Assigned Male is a bizarre SJW Chick Tract, with none of the crazy charm of a Chick Tract.
Notably, the artist had a critical review of her work pulled off of youtube, and seems like a drama queen. The comic is currently updated Tuesdays and Fridays.


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All I can say about this is that the art is absolutely painful to look at, and the author has never, ever, ever seen a child before. That's not what eight-year-olds do.
On top of this, most medical personnel are aware that transgender people are a thing. They will need your biological sex because, you know, the medical differences between males and females for exams, but if you ask for specific pronouns I can guarantee you most of the time they'll smile and nod.
But as guess giving biological sex to certified medical staff is too triggering


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But as guess giving biological sex to certified medical staff is too triggering

It's completely moronic shit, like most SJW shit. It's also clear these idiots aren't even really TG when they say stupid shit like this, because there are medical issues where it could actually be very important or even life-saving for medical personnel to know actual biological gender or even, for that matter, that you're specifically TG and might have medical issues related to that.

Add in that these fucking retards are making life even more difficult for medical professionals with their petty, insane bullshit when they're trying to deal with real, life and death issues all day long.
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