Sorbet confirmed KIA -

James Howlett

I'm the best at what I do.
Sorbet's story was literally heart breaking to me. Maybe its cuz I got my first cat (orange) right before the last time he went missing. Maybe its Cruzhe seemed like a nice cat enjoying blissful ignorance of the hell that is 14BC.

I'm actually glad we got some closure, but it would've been nice for Chris to share some details like a date or cause, instead of plugging his new suicide cult.

Sorbet, this one is for you;

Silver Octopus
I wonder if Chris will react the same way after Barb dies.
One day she'll just disappear, we won't see her in videos, Chris will stop mentioning her - then when asked about this Chris will respond with "Magi-Chan confirmed that my mother passed to the C-197 dimension and is now in her half-sonichu form alongside Robertchu, among which"

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