Soulbonders - Dr. Sperglove: or How I Learned to Love my Characters -

i just have a big hunch that ff7 house is fake, but it sure stuck with me through the ages. i'm actually surprised at how many people read that years ago, too!
Public documents searchable online have confirmed names and addresses, they're all real people. It's real and it happened.

I have found most soulbonders have D.I.D

or an egregore type thing
The validity of DID even existing is debated by psychologists, they're all just attention whores.
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I seemed to have angerd some on soulbondinghelp on tumblr. a lot of 'bonder communities are dead. apparenty it is mean to have your bond stick around for sex. some shared my ask with a tag "abuse' slutshaming in the soulbonder community? it is possible.

sure i mentioned the "if you are for some reason obsessed with their character component". because they are not the character, just based off them. because "multiverse"
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What was the name of that soulbonder who said pokemon were real and you can find them in your backyard? Starprincess-something or other I think. Lightning followed her around constantly giving her advice.

She claimed that you couldn't pick your soulbonds. Yet every character was a popular character that she liked.