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Vincent Dawn
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All three souls games are better or worse at different things, they're not interchangeable and are hard to score against each other. I'd say DS3 is the worst at what it's trying to do though.
I think 3 is the best when it comes to gameplay and it has the absolute hardest bosses even if you're good at Souls. It is however the most linear unlike 1 and 2. I really liked how 2 did it where you could skip the tutorial section and skip the easier route and go straight to the hard route at the pier.


Vincent Dawn
True & Honest Fan
1 had the best atmosphere and level design, 2 had the most varied and balanced gameplay, 3 had the most awesome bosses. At least that's what I'd say.
That's why the remaster of Dark Souls 1 was such a disappointment. The team could have really improved on all the little flaws of that game and went above and beyond in a lot of ways. Beyond just fixing the Bed of Chaos fight of course. Make the camera and aiming a little bit better. Flesh out the Capra Demon fight with a bigger area and maybe more variety in how the boss attacks you. Fix the Centipede Demon fight so it doesn't just devolved into staying at the spot where you start, wail on the boss while the camera freaks out and the FPS drops, and wait for him to go back into the lava and then do it again. Fix up the Nito fight so you can kill the skeletons without needing holy weapons so, again, the fight doesn't devolve into just tanking hits. 8 way rolling. Get rid of the hit-stun. Maybe add a few little surprises ala NG+ in Dark Souls 2. That would have been fun but they went for the more simple and lazy thing to do.

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Eh the Nito thing seems like a fine complication to me but I don't mind switching equipment loadouts for specific bosses.

I just wish they made the Gravelord Covenant effect NG+0.

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Despite my initial skepticism toward Sekiro : Shadows Die Twice all the footage and details they've revealed throughout 2018 and 2019 after E3 have gotten me progressively more and more hyped for the game. It's not going to be a Souls game but I feel like that it's definitely going to be an entertaining action title nonetheless.

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