Sour Candy - Actual sour candy, not wimpy sour candy


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Your posts are pretty sour.

But Sour Patch Kids are the best sour candy, even though they end up sweet. They even have motherfucking ice cream for those hot summer nights:
They're not really that sour, though. They're okay, but not really what I want when I want something really, really burn your tongue sour.

Also Warheads has popsicles. They're pretty good, but much like other Warheads spinoff products, nowhere near as sour as the originals.

I'd also like something that is consistently sour throughout the whole candy, not just a thin layer that immediately dissolves. Toxic Waste is better in that department than Warheads, but again, turns into a mediocre sub-Jolly Rancher-tier hard candy.

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Warheads and shock tarts were the shit when I was a kid. Both are still better than most candy now, but don’t seem as strong as they used to be. My friends and I in junior high figured out how to make our tastebuds bleed with warheads. I don’t think you can do that no more.