Sour Candy - Actual sour candy, not wimpy sour candy

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I found these online a while back. Kinda chemical-tasting, in my opinion, but not that bad.

I brought a bunch of these and a big jar of Warheads to work and everyone thought I was the spawn of Satan.


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I love sour candy so much, especially if it's gummy. Gummy worms, sour patch kids, I love it all. Warheads I think have either gotten less sour over the years or I'm less of a weenie. As a kid I couldn't keep one in my mouth but now I find it isn't as awesomely agonizing as i remember. Toxic Waste I've had a few times, the local candy store has it occasionally.

Someone brought these natual sour gummy bears in to the breakroom at the place I volunteer. Pretty disappointing but I shouldn't be suprised what with all the organic goodness and stevia. They had the "dust" that sour gummy candy usually has but it didn't taste like anything so it comes off as a weird texture instead. The sour was like if a much better sour candy was placed near it and it picked up some sourness through osmosis.
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I still ate the entire bag though. (I actually didn't look at the ingredients first before doing so, there is a LOT of fiber in these along with being sugar free. I feared that this would be a sugar-free Haribo gummy bear situation. But I was fine so if you want to eat an entire bag of sugar free gummy bears, make it these ones.)


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I love sour candies but I always end up getting a burnt tongue and a sour stomach because I'm a tard who can't resist candy