World South Koreans eat boiled dog meat as they stage counter-rally defending their right to consume the 'delicacy' during animal rights protest -

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People just can't look outside their own culture. Spergs got all horse slaughtering plants shut down, so now unwanted horses are either abandoned or sent to Mexico to die in seedier slaughterhouses

Between goats and horses, I can tell you which animal I've wanted to shoot more often, and it's not the one everyone barbecues for Juneteenth

EDIT: and let's not even speak of the "rescue horse" racket where slaughterhouses gleefully sell off stock to animal hoarders at higher prices than they'd get for the carcase and no labor


Mi mi mi
We as a species convinced an apex predator that they were better off chilling out and hanging around with us than hunting in packs. And how do we reward them for their loyalty? By eating them and breeding them into quivering rats and genetic dead ends. There's something very morally questionable about eating an animal that would happily put itself in mortal danger to protect you. Dogs aren't just another stupid animal raised for our consumption. There's a lot more to the canine-human relationship people aren't addressing
that's good and all but have you ever tried dog soup?



People can eat dogs if they want, everyone is free like that, but I'm also free to judge you and your backward culture.

Dogs were the first animal we domesticated. They were the first species to join Homo Sapien at the dinner table, by all rights dogs should be held to the highest standard when it comes to how we interact with animals.
Some people say Westerners don't eat horses because they're "pets" but I was under the assumption it's bad practice to eat your work animals.
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I'm drunk.
Some people say Westerners don't eat horses because they're "pets" but I was under the assumption it's bad practice to eat your work animals.
I know horse was eaten in the past before beef became cheaper and more plentiful. But I'm not sure if they raised horses for slaughter or if it was just the old work horses that were killed because at least they'd be useful for food, back in the day.
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Dragon Kick your ass into the Milky Way.
If you've ever had any in-depth dealings with Koreans, you know that they're the absolute dumbest of the 'big three' asians (japanese, chinese, korean, in descending order of lacking any sense at all)
Gonna have to do a hard disagree on that one. I'd put the chinese at the bottom with the koreans about middle. The japs I've noticed seem to either be honestly ignorant of things or willfully ignorant, with no middle ground.
The japanese and chinese also believe that.

Now, time for supper, eat that pupper.

I know horse was eaten in the past before beef became cheaper and more plentiful. But I'm not sure if they raised horses for slaughter or if it was just the old work horses that were killed because at least they'd be useful for food, back in the day.
From what I gather it was mainly a French, and later native, thing to eat horse.


I know people will balk at this simply because doggos are good, but in the end, meat is meat.

So long as it was reared in good conditions and is killed as humanely as possible I've got no problems.

I DO have problems with them boiling it though, because when it comes to boiling you've gotta do things just right or it's a disaster.

*except people meat**.
**Unless you're a stranded Uruguayan rugby team or something.


Ягода малина или генрих Ягода
Asians believe that animals taste better if they die a horrible death during the cooking process.

This actually toughens the meat. Stress in general is bad for the quality of meat.
nope, I knew a guy who actually lived in a logging camp with a bunch of koreans. Tenderizing meat and let blood flow while it's alive (i.e. beating the shit out of it before the kill) make the meat taste better.

My dude's problem wasn't that Koreans were eating dogs, it was listening to endless yelps before the dog is killed.
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Ped Xing

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Some people say Westerners don't eat horses because they're "pets" but I was under the assumption it's bad practice to eat your work animals.
You don't eat the useful horses.

When you say "Westerners," by the way, you really should only say "Anglos." It's an ethnic aversion, not a continent-wide one.

The real reason beef has almost entirely supplanted horse is efficiency. Cattle (and ruminants in general; buy a goat) are much more efficient at turning low-quality forage* into meat, they breed younger and grow faster, meaning pounds of offspring per pound of mother per year is higher, and they are MUCH tougher. Cows are motherfucking B-17s; I've treated cattle with wounds that would kill most animals and seen them go on to recover fully with minimal loss of condition.

Horses are very strong, but they're also flighty idiot pussies who like to break their own legs and rip out their own guts on a nail in a fence post. They're just nowhere near as economical to farm as cattle, and with the completely unjustified aversion English speakers have against their meat, the only reason to slaughter a horse is if it's a cull anyway. You won't see prime horse in the supermarket anytime soon.

*This gives the lie to the vegan propaganda about animal agriculture being "unsustainable" because an acre of grain makes more calories than an acre of beef. Go raise corn in the transpecos, asshole. Go on, do it pussy.

EDIT: Pig and dog used to be valuable food sources because they could be fed trash. Omnivores can convert spoiled food and offal into fresh food. The downside is this sets up parasite cycles as well as causing other health concerns, so now pigs are raised on higher-quality feed. The price of pork proves it can be efficient, but it's much more intensive; most of the pork you can buy at the store was probably raised in an indoor facility.

I don't care for pigs, anyway. Momma goats don't step on their kids and kill them, and goats don't bite each other's tails off. And anyway goat meat tastes better. Pork has a certain something going on that I can never fully approve the way beef, venison, mutton, and cabrito all please me. Ruminants ruminants über alles
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Wing wong and ching chong solves the questions: Locust vs dog, who wins? Locust. I am still sure cannibalism is alive and well there too.
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When I get cow shit on my shoe, I clean it off with a brush and carry on untroubled

When I get dog shit on my shoe, I dry heave

Who wants to farm dogs?


あかんで !
If you’re humane about it, I suppose there’s nothing wrong. However stealing someone’s dog to get the meat is wrong, and I’d say the same thing about cattle rustling.
They don't do that though. There are farms.
It's rare too, may I add. Most people in SK never would eat dog. Pork, chicken, beef, seafood etc are what 95% eat, they'd never in a million years eat the regional peasant food like dog.
If you asked people on the street, they'd think you were crazy for suggesting it.

People who refuse to eat anything that isn't palate sanitised meat is a crybaby hypocrite who should try some dog. It would probably improve their virility.

Islamic Creampie
I'd eat a dog, fuck it. But would really prefer it be given a clean death and not boiled like in that video earlier in the thread or cooked alive in a cage over a fire like the chinks do.

Livestock are treated like shit all over the world, though. These things are already facing a slit throat or a bolt to the head, the least you can do is not torture them.

But clearly the gooks don't care too much. Back in 2007 they tore a live pig apart in protest of a military office moving into the area, of all things.

Ped Xing

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Locusts/crickets have higher protein than beef, why don't Anglos eat them? And anybody who says "eww bugs" doesn't consider shrimp are delicious yet just as hideous up close as crickets are.
You eat it.

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