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Shit, I didn't even know a new episode dropped last night. I thought they would be going on a winter break after "Season Finale."

I have not watched it yet, but I am glad to hear they're moving on. The wife and I were both sick of Tegrity Farms, and I liked the meta commentary with everyone in South Park being tired of it too. This season thus far has been very hit and miss, a lot more than others I remember, the highlights being:

  • The entire Band in China episode, from taking the piss out of studio mandated censorship, to the plane ride with all the Marvel characters and seeing the Mouse again, to the way the Chinese guy keeps laughing at Stan's document, only to remember he's supposed to conform.
  • Butters and the mummy. I love when Butters gets called out/in trouble for something he doesn't understand. It reminded me a lot of "Cartman Sucks."
  • Anything involving PC Principal.

Other than that, it's been a bumpy ride. The Whites? Ha, I get it. That'll do, woke management. Randy chasing his dreams in stupid ways was funny in standalone episodes (like the Blockbuster Video episode) but dragged out for half a season, it's a horse beaten to liquid mush. President Not-Trump Garrison petered out and crashed.

I've been tired of the serialized arcs for a few years now. I like episodes where it's just them fucking around, i.e. the Magic: The Gathering one.

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Just saw the newest episode on Hulu and I was pleasantly surprised. It was actually kind of awesome to see transtrenders get knocked down a peg, and the whole "girls in gaming" sub-plot was actually handled quite well and didn't really mess around with any of the bullshit stereotypes we've been seeing SJW's push since Gamergate.

Of course, the woke crowd are probably royally pissed off because of this episode, so maybe that awful cash-in episode with The Whites may have been done to throw the audience off-guard and also may have been done as a "cover your own ass" move by Trey & Matt to keep from being cancelled by Comedy Central because they knew Woke Twitter would have a bitch fit over this episode.

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I'm still convinced that Matt and Trey are planning a foray into the real world weed business. Even if it's just lending the 'Tegridy Farms brand to someone already producing. At this point, it would be dumb not to.
Absolutely in their character to name it "Tegridy" and make a big deal about that and then sell out for as much money as possible.

"Start up. Cash in. Sell out. Bro Down."

I liked the episode, but the ending was uncharacteristically optimistic for Southpark.
Exactly what I was thinking. How do you rate something as optimistic on Hulu?

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I loved this episode, but they still went a little bit SJW at the tend when they talked about the PC babies recognizing "nuance". I'm sorry, but there is no nuance in this situation, Heather Swanson is similar in physical prowess to someone who's been on hormones for a longer period of time like all of the troons in sports or trying to get in. I don't care if they're as "passable" (50-60 % passable) as Blair White, they still have no place in women's sports.
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I've only seen two episodes this season. One of the China ones, the first one with Randy being rounded up in a death camp, and Board Girls. I liked the Randy Savage character but it didn't make me laugh that much.

RIP Randy Savage.

I loved this episode, but they still went a little bit SJW at the tend when they talked about the PC babies recognizing "nuance". I'm sorry, but there is no nuance in this situation, Heather Swanson is similar in physical prowess to someone who's been on hormones for a longer period of time like all of the troons in sports or trying to get in. I don't care if they're as "passable" (50-60 % passable) as Blair White, they still have no place in women's sports.

Really hoping by nuance they meant that the PC Babys could see that Heather is abusing a grey area and their dad isn't a bigot for rightfully standing up to the abuse of that grey area and the shit thrown at their mother. Like I know thats optimistic as hell but it seemed like there could be a chance of it. Also, Blair White looks fucking weird as hell like they molded her out of plastic even though she kinda passes.

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fucking troons already banned this episode (tried to watch @ offical South Park site)
In the latest episode of the still-running cartoon South Park, the show picked up Fox News talking points about trans athletes and ran as far as they could with them, which apparently isn’t very far at all.

The seventh episode of the definitely-not-asked-for 23rd season of the show, titled “Board Girls,” featured a “trans woman” (in quotes, because it’s revealed that he’s a man pretending to be a trans woman) who looks and sounds like the late professional wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage.

The “trans woman” in question, Heather Swanson, says that she started identifying as a woman “two weeks ago” and subsequently enters a local Strongwoman tournament. When asked why she looks and sounds the way she does, Heather says, “I’m not here to talk about my transition, I’m here to kick some f**king ass.” After she dominates the competition, it’s revealed that she’s really a man: the ex-boyfriend of another weightlifter, who pretended to be a woman in order to make his ex-girlfriend look bad.

OK, there’s just so much wrong here. First of all, most trans athletes have to adhere to very strict hormone testing before they are allowed to compete in accordance with their gender. For example, a trans woman who wants to compete in the Olympics must demonstrate a testosterone level below 10 nmol/L for at least a year before their first competition. Secondly, this just a repetition of the world’s oldest trans trope: the idea that trans women are just men in disguise up to no good. So even if it wasn’t actively harmful, it would still be the laziest possible depiction of transgender people.

But it is actively harmful. Reinforcing the idea, even unintentionally, that trans women are fraudulent decievers leads to violence — like when men flirt or sleep with trans women, “find out that they’re really men,” and assault or murder them for “tricking” them. This is exactly what happened to Jennifer Laude, a trans woman who was killed by a U.S. Marine in the Philippines in 2015.

Her killer, Joseph Pemberton, argued in court that drowning Laude in a toilet bowl was justified because of her so-called deception. That argument, sometimes referred to as the “trans panic defense,” is still legal in 42 states.

It might seem like “just a joke” from a show known to push boundaries, but it’s hardly funny when Black trans women and other trans women of color are killed every year because this exact line of thinking allowed their murderers to view them as less than human. Nearly two dozen transgender people have been killed so far this year, and the majority of perpetrators were their sexual or romantic partners.

Honestly, I have to ask: Do Trey Parker and Matt Stone — the men behind South Park — really think that trans women athletes are actually men looking to get revenge on their exes? Do they really think that trans women are men who want to have an easier life? Do they really think that women have easier lives than men?

What is South Park’s motivation in creating such a storyline? From a viewer’s perspective, it seems the point is to belittle transgender people, to argue that we shouldn’t be able to compete in sports in accordance with the way we present ourselves to the world, and to treat our identities as punchlines. It seems like the show thinks that a trans woman, no matter what she looks like, has a certain level of privilege over cisgender people. It’s reminiscent of a recent Family Guy episode in which a bartender sees a trans woman on looking at porn her phone, begins to chastise her, and then realizes she is trans. “Do whatever you want all of the time,” he says apologetically.

Have these people ever read a news story about trans people? We’re not especially known for getting what we want or being able to do whatever we want.

If they had, they’d know that trans athletes are anything but happily welcome to compete as their real gender. Trans students are forced to either compete against the wrong gender or skip sports entirely, and states like South Dakota have fought tirelessly to introduce legislation that forces them to misgender themselves just to compete. Even cis women, like Olympic runner Caster Semenya, have fallen victim to strict gender enforcement in sports meant to target trans athletes.

Defenders of shows like South Park like to claim it’s an “equal opportunity offender,” that the show makes fun of everyone. I love comedy and I love edgy comedy, but this isn’t that. South Park is targeting an oppressed group which is already in the crosshairs of the federal government on a daily basis, a group it has already mocked and ridiculed for literally decades. Trans women have had our turn already.

These jokes don’t break new ground, they aren’t satire, and they aren’t making some greater point in the name of social commentary. They’re a waste of air time.
The outraged author of the article is man named Mey Rude, and he looks like this:
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The episode is still on Hulu as of this post. Check it out before it goes the way of "Super Best Friends."

And it depicted exactly what's happening. Women are getting the shit beaten out of them and left in the dust while troons take their trophies. That isn't a Fox News strawman talking point; it's reality. Heather Swanson/Randy Savage was hilarious. I loved all the news spots with female competitors getting increasingly upset over a 'roided up snowflake (loved the twitches, by the way) beating them but unable to say anything about it.

I also loved the

setup and payoff with the girls defeating him at board games. He can beat them with physical strength but when it comes to tabletops they do math! They read the rule books!

This could have been another "equal opportunity offender" misfire like "The Problem with a Poo" last season (PC babies are whiny, but Roseanne is a piece of shit even though that was largely brought on by PC babies) with an attack on 'gamer bros.' But overall the whole thing came around to being very pro-women without feeling like a woke gun to Trey and Matt's heads. The only people gonna be mad are ResetEra, Dr. Rachel McKinnon and this thing that looks like a cross between Auntie Nelda and my 8th grade English teacher.

But the episode may also get pulled from distribution too, so again, watch it while it exists.

Favorite episode this season next to "Band in China."