Spaghetti and Pasta - So many different kinds

Which do you prefer?

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There are a lot of different kinds of pasta noodles and spaghetti, different sauces which can lead to a very unique pasta

So what is your favorite kind of pasta/spaghetti? What kinds have you made? Just talk about your pasta and spaghetti in general.

I'll start. I am a very basic guy, I cook spaghetti noodles with plain sauce and meatballs. Thats all me and my family needs really.


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I like pasta stuffed with meats and cheese. Also, lasagna.
How could I forget lasagna? For years, I'd choose this for years over traditional pasta or spaghetti

What is it about lasagna that pages it so good (but sometimes overlooked)


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I like stubby smaller noodles, like ziti to elbow sized.

I've been told my alfredo sauce turns out good. I keep it simple. Butter, heavy cream, preshredded parm and minced garlic because I'm lazy, parsley, and just stir the shit out of it for a while until it mixes.
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I really love fusilli pasta. That type of pasta is just so great at soaking up/holding on to lots and lots of sauce.
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Handmade pasta will always be best in my opinion, it also only takes two minutes to cook in simmering water.


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There's a difference between the two?
Not really, technically spaghetti does count for pasta (its just a noodle kind) but there are different kind of spaghetti (pasta noodle) noodles. Like Barbina, Bigoli, Pici and so on.

The pasta I refer to in this thread is stuff like Macaroni, Gemelli, Manicotti and so on.

In my eyes (and I know it sounds a bit stereotypical to seperate them) if its not noodles, its pasta.


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My go-tos are tomato sauce with garlic and red pepper flakes for pastas and pizza and tomato, butter, and onion sauce for gnocchi.

When I feel like putting in more effort I'll make bucatini all'amatriciana or baked ziti with radicchio and gorgonzola.


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I actually can't stand spaghetti noodles. Something about the texture just don't work with me. Love the shit out of every other pasta shape.


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My favourite pasta is penne with fresh spinach, salmon, cream cheese, a few tea spoons of sambal badjak and some rasped cheese on top.

Made it for a friend of mine recently who usually has a stomach the size of a peanut and she gulped down almost three plates.


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I like farfalle, fettucine, penne, penne rigate, spaghetti, tagliatelle, cavatappi, conchiglie... I just really love pasta.


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I'm with Tromb here I think Pasta in general is the gift of the core culinary spectrum.

I like my pasta with sauce or just white, mostly just white, with some shredded parm and fresh CRACKED, BLACK PEPPER.


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Pasta is literally what started civilization.

Not even joking

The ability to turn grain into something that could be stored indefinitely made humans able to do other things with their time than just scavenging and foraging.

The other way of turning grain into something storable was, of course, beer.
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Pasta with extra virgin olive oil is my favorite.
I like the long thin ones and ravioli.

Pro-tip: If any of you wanna know if a brand of olive oil is good, take some sips plain and see if it makes the back of your thoart burn a little. That shows that it's good olive oil (thats actually how they objectivly judge olive oil and why I never get ones from Tunisia, those are weak and flavorless. At least the ones I've tried).
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