Sparkling Water: Yea or Neh -

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I never liked it until I got out of college and stopped drinking beer at degenerate levels. I found myself craving carbonation in my drinks regularly and I rarely drink soda, so I started trying seltzer. Initially I didn't like the odd taste you get from it and found that most flavored stuff clashed hard with the carbonation. Eventually I found that citrus flavors helped mask the odd taste until I got used to it. After a while I had trouble justifying paying for my water so I got a pony keg, CO2 bottle, and fittings from a buddy who was getting out of homebrewing. It isn't cheap to do if you're buying new, but worth it if you drink a lot of seltzer. I use a little fruit juice concentrate to flavor the glass/bottle/whatever I'm drinking from. I used to flavor the keg, but it was a lot of only one flavor to drink at a time.


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I wasn't really fond of it until I was at a job with all the free coke products you wanted, then I got into LaCroix.
Usually I get Aldi or Costco generics so it's affordable, but seriously I can and will just constantly drink them all day long.
No love for the plain ones, green and yellow are usually what I get.

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Sparkling Ice got me to quit soda, but I think it's fraudulently calling itself water.

The real stuff like Clear American and La Croix is disgusting. What little flavoring their is doesn't cover up the acidity at all.
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I like it, regardless of whether it's flavored/sweetened or not. My favorite variety is a tie between unsweetened, cherry-flavor and unsweetened, citrus flavor.

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I can't stand it tbh. It tastes bitter and unpleasant to me. I guess its one of those 'you'll get used to it eventually' cases, but I'm not going to bother considering regular water tastes better imo and is free to boot.
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The sparkling flavoured waters like Bubly or LaCroix always taste as though they've been stored in the same room as a lime without ever actually coming into contact with any fruit. The flavours come through better in still waters like Hint.

Given the choice between plain sparkling and plain still, still water all the way. Effervescence is only nice with a heavy meal as a palate cleanser in between courses.

I second the Sodastream comment. I personally like plain carbonated water, but it wasn't something I grew up with. I didn't have it until I was in college. It's not like it was revolutionary, but I'd just never had it so it was kind of an acquired taste.


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Because Mayor Kenney imposed a beverage tax that even includes diet drinks, I said "Screw you Kenney" and stuck to lime and grapefruit seltzer. It settles my stomach and no calories.

Overall I think my favorite is the Big Win lemon-lime from Rite Aid. But there are no Rite Aids close to here and Walgreens sells Polar. But not the lime. So locally I have tonget grapefruit. Not interested in the other flavors. The flavors tgey sell here for Perrier are just orange and watermelon.
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