Sparkling Water: Yea or Neh -


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Flavored seltzer’s are okay, I remember raspberry New York Seltzer and loved that shit as a kid. It’s still good, but I’ve only found it in little glass bottles at World Market.

Unflavored and/or natural shit like Perrier and the like are nasty and bitter.
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What an absolute travesty.
To me it tastes like flat Alka-Seltzer, so not my thing. Sometimes flavored sparkling water is decent if the flavor is good though. That's almost like a super bland soda...carbonated with Alka-Seltzer.

At most...I'd drink it if I was super thirsty and no other drink was available, but that's it.


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I like it. We drink a lot of it in our house. I know a couple guys who kicked a heavy beer problem switching to seltzer. One of them lost like 100 lb. just by cutting out beer.

My favorites are Waterloo grape and Bubly watermelon.

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Yes, I like it. The bubbles are pleasant and the taste is in a nice spot between soda (strong) and plain water (tasteless if it's sourced from a quality spring). Poland Spring is my go-to for water nowadays, both sparkling and still.
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I drink a shitton of the cheap stuff. Between the chlorine-happy water plant operators running town water and the antique plumbing where I live, the tap water in my house tastes like trying to pick up a twenty cent piece from the bottom of a public pool with your mouth. If I'm going to buy water, might as well buy something that fizzes. I'm poor though, so it's the cheap stuff, supermarket brand, no flavouring. Sometimes I'll treat myself to some cordial, the good stuff like elderflower, or lemon lime and bitters.
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I love it, but wish it wasn't so expensive. I have a hard time getting over a can of sparkling water being more expensive than an energy drink that will give me a buzz. I'll probably get a soda stream eventually. It's great when you're cutting calories because the bubbles are filling and distracting when you're hungry between meals.
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I like a sparkling water because I was trying to cut sugar and like the bubbles. They're not all built the same though:

La Croix tastes better than Bubbly
New York Seltzer is dope
San Pellegrino tastes better than Perrier but Perrier has good flavors if you don't mind the mineral taste
(Related) White Claws taste better than Truly
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I don't notice any strange taste, but I've been drinking seltzer before LaCroix existed, so maybe I'm used to it. I think Waterloo's one of the better seltzer brands in terms of flavor but it's a bit expensive.

My favorite is Poland Spring Vanilla Lemon sparkling water, but for some reason, the only place to get it is convenience stores so getting it in a six pack is impossible. I feel a bit bad taking more than three bottles.
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I'm a big fan. I quit drinking beer last year, so I like to have a cold can or bottle of something fizzy handy as a placebo.

My top three flavors:

1. Kroger Blackberry Citrus
2. La Croix Peach-Pear (It tastes just like a Jelly Belly. I'm serious.)
3. La Croix/Aldi Passionfruit

Also, I like Topo Chico and Jarritos Mineralagua with limes.
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Shit’s nasty. I once forgot to clarify that I wanted still water while in Italy and had to dump my glass in a nearby plant.

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