Speakerphone in your car - Or how I learned to stop being a dumbass

Exceptional Mafioso

You ever notice how people love using speakerphone in their car? I have, so allow me to give you all a professional tip about this feature.

Your car speakers broadcast a wide and exciting range of sounds, many more than the tiny little speaker in your cell phone. This means that tones and sounds which you'd never hear on your phone will be clearly audible over the higher quality speaker. So when you use your "hands free" option to take a call while also doing your makeup and eating your Big Mac, you should also know that everyone in a 20 yard radius can hear everything the other half of your conversation is saying.

No, it doesn't matter if your windows are closed.
No, it doesn't matter if we're each in our own cars.
No, it even doesn't matter if we're in traffic on the highway and each of us has the AC going.

We can all hear your conversation.

And I know you already know this, I just want to know that you know I know next time I am eavesdropping on you.

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