Speculation: Amberlynn Reid's 100 day challenge -

Skinny Legend

Y‘all right. She gave up or like is changing her plans aka she’s trying calorie counting per week which would allow her 9,100 calories (per week) which lets be honest she’s going to eat on the first day, then complain that it’s not sustainable and she has to eat to survive.
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I'm not tryin to be a gatekeeping dick and I'm far from anything remotely resembling an OG member here but mostly all you newbies have done since you got here is say shit we been knew. Not that there's a whole lot new to be said but you all give me "only sassy on the internet" vibes.

Anyways I can't wait for one of you to drop a chilling new exposé on the possibility that our gorl might be fat
It's kind of impossible to say something new about our gorl when all she does is go in circles. We all know she's 600elbees (except her) and gaining, we all know every dieting "challenge" is gonna end in irrationally justified binges...what I wanna know is, when's her next false rape allegation video, or a fifteen minute vlog of her full-on sobbing because of her like/dislike ratio on YT? I'm sick of torrid hauls and "oops, i binged again but it's not my fault." This cow is as stale as her family sized hot cheeto bag (sorry, I wanted to be clever there but we also know she sucks down any bag of chips the second she opens it).
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