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Came back, grabbed some diced lamb, some palm oil, and the rest of the stuff and set to. Put all seven Dorset Nagas in them. Threw in a couple teaspoons of Dave's Insanity Sauce. Boiled up some vermicelli rice with it and invited everyone else I was living with to sit down and have a go at it.
I once made a dish like this that ended up pretty much inedible for that reason, but it was jerk chicken rub that did it. There was also Dave's Insanity Sauce involved.

I saved it by just freezing small batches of it and grinding them up, chicken and all, into a paste and adding them to the sauce for other dishes, as if the chicken itself were a spice.

I've had whole pickled habaneros and ghost peppers before. The pickled habaneros are actually pretty delicious if you have a tolerance to spicy food, still very painful, but there is actual flavor there as well.
Pickling, especially hot pickling in vinegar, usually reduces heat so if they were that hot afterwards, they were probably pretty hot to start with.

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I had these hot wings once and I couldn't taste for a few days afterward

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They had this Mexican joint that sold these things, I can't remember the name, but they were fried and sort of shaped like an egg roll but smaller. They were filled with cheese, Habanero peppers and like four other types of spicy peppers in them. You could eat one and they were delicious, so then you'd try another one, still good, but then you would notice your eyes would start watering. By the time you picked up the third one and tried to eat it, your mouth was on fire, tears were streaming down your face, and you were totally regretting eating that second one.

I used to work with this Honduran gentleman who was a complete mooch. If you had some food out you were eating, he'd walk past and grab some without asking. It never bothered me because I liked the dude, he was hilarious. But I thought of an ingenious prank to try on him that I never brought to fruition. I was going to get a couple orders of those spicy things, leave them out (because let's face it, they looked delicious) and watch him shove a few down his throat (because he'd never just try one of what you were eating, he'd always take 3 or more) and watch him suffer lol. Too bad I never got to do that, because it would have been glorious watching his mooching ass cry.

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Thai chili I guess.

Anybody know what they use for Wingstop's Atomic flavor wings? They warned me about the spiciness and I didn't listen.


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Tossing in a few spoonfulls of cayenne pepper along with thai chilies I was using in curry.

I knew better but I did it anyway. :(


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I carry around a salt shaker filled with a 2/1 mix of Sweet (or smoked) paprika and Carolina reaper - I now taste nothing but hot and my bowel movements eat through the toilet, the flavors just right though.


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One of my cousins grows her own peppers and gave me a bhut jolokia last year. I knew it would destroy my mouth so I had milk and ice cream immediately on hand. Still a mistake to eat the whole pepper though.

The worst one was only a habanero pepper, but I was 7-8 and wasn't expecting it. My uncle grew habaneros and jalapeños and gave a bunch to my dad. So my dad ripped the stem off one, handed it to me and said "try that." So I did and a second later my dad was LOLing as I freaked out about my mouth being on fire.

My dads an asshole. He still laughs about it when the subject of peppers comes up.

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organic cayenne pepper used far too liberally in my family's traditional tikka masala recipe. I knew it was going to be hotter than the regular supermarket stuff, I just wasn't expecting it to be THAT much hotter. I still ate it but fluids were violently ejecting from every part of my face


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I like spicy food, but paradoxically I'm a bit of a wuss. Jalfrezi is normally my upper limit. I love Indian food, but the area I live has a lot of Indians, Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis, so the restaurants don't tone the spices down for the benefit of honkies - a jalfrezi from the takeaway around the corner is equivalent to a vindaloo from a lot of places. I usually wait until I have a cold before ordering from there.

The hottest I ever had was a phaal. This is the hottest curry available from your average Indian restaurant. I didn't actually order it - a friend couldn't finish his, and I thought I'd give it a try. The phaal doesn't actually exist in India. It's a dish invented so that drunken Englishmen can impress their mates. What I remember about it was that I couldn't actually taste anything - it was just hot. I did manage to finish it, but never again.
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organic cayenne pepper used far too liberally in my family's traditional tikka masala recipe. I knew it was going to be hotter than the regular supermarket stuff, I just wasn't expecting it to be THAT much hotter. I still ate it but fluids were violently ejecting from every part of my face
My boss's wife cooks like that too. It was hard to tell if I was crying from pain or because the shrimp tikka was that good.

That being said, shrimp tikka masala made by Indians is the hottest dish I've had in years.

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A steak from a Mexican restaurant i went to one time. My entire face was burning up, and it took countless refills to wash it down. It felt like drills were penetrating my stomach from the inside afterwards, and the bathroom trip wasn't especially pretty.
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I might be a wimp for this, but these chips right here. My friends love them and so do I, they're just really spicy though. I haven't ate a whole lot of spicy food in my life, mostly spicy chips and spicy barbecue. This takes the cake as far as I can remember.

Edit: After making this thread, I remembered something spicier

Back when I was still a christian, I went to church and some people were challenged to try this sauce. I remember my tongue going numb from it man, and I didn't even gulp it, I just had a few drops of it.



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I was abroad in China (Szechuan) last summer and let some well-meaning barely-speak-English Chinese students drag me and a friend to some street food alley type of deal. I don't know what the fuck was on the chicken* they gave me, but it was so hot the friend couldn't stop coughing. I can handle spice, so I was mostly fine for a couple of hours, but, uh... It was just as painful coming out as it was going in.


*Probably chicken.