Spider-Man: Why Miles Fights Weapons Dealers, NOT Drug Dealers

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I miss DUST 514 sometimes...
Jun 25, 2015
Are they trying to imply that only white people are arms dealers?


The Defenestrator
True & Honest Fan
Aug 8, 2017
I mean this makes sense. Black people's greatest danger are drivebys done with ill gotten firearms and white people's greatest danger are opioids.

Why wouldn't they focus on what affects their people most?


Nov 21, 2014
Thank god someone's finally standing up against real estate companies gentrifying neighborhoods, they're the real people making places unsafe! Letting in middle-aged white people and their Trader Joes, the monsters. And let's not forget that drugs in the Marvel universe usually turn you into a rage-fueled mini-Hulk who poops lightning or some shit like that, they aren't just handing out oxy to some kids.

Sexual Chocolate

Jan 7, 2019
Lol, I've been playing this game recently.

It's pretty good but basically a high priced expansion pack of the 2018 game, with most of the same strengths and weaknesses. It's a lot of fun zipping through NYC as Spidey and his powers are cool, but the cut scenes are long and the side quests are repetitive. I didn't give a fuck about Peter's relationship with MJ or Aunt May and I still don't care about Miles' abuela or 4/10 girlfriend or whatever.

Miles Morales is an ok character, he's another well-meaning dorky kid overcoming personal tragedy who gets bit by a magic spider and with great power yadda yadda... So a palette swapped Peter Parker, basically. Unfortunately the voice actor is annoyingly nasal and whiny sounding, makes old Pete sound like Clint Eastwood.

It definitely leans into the how do you do, fellow Millennials Zoomers thing hard. Not as cringe as it could be, but stuff like the the evil corporate gentrifiers tryna cause trouble in tha hood, preachy Chinese-American social justice podcaster, and "urban" beat remix of the Spidey soundtrack are definitely cringe-adjacent, as is the developers apparently believing black people are cool with drug deals happening in front of their homes.

Tho I did like how you defeat the final boss with a breakdancing minigame, before dunking his decapitated white male cisgender head thru a basketball hoop and then press X to kneel defiantly for the national anthem.

B+, worth pirating because there's no ethical consumption under capitalism ✊🏿