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Sug Benis

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The only cocktail I drink routinely is an Old-Fashioned. I've never seen any reason to get more involved with that. And generally, any bourbon worthy of an Old-Fashioned is even more worthy to drink neat.

I have some exceptions. For instance, a pitcher of very, very spicy Bloody Marys is a good way to start a lost weekend, or continue one on the next day. For these, I want the really involved kind with lots of fresh vegetables so it's practically a meal. Not bacon, though. That's Islamic. I don't have anything against Clamato or just a shot or two of clam juice, though some find that disgusting.

I usually don't do buttered rum, but a cold remedy is a nice hot toddy. A very strong black tea, heavy on the assam, like Irish Breakfast Tea, or even Earl Grey, lemon juice, honey, rum of any kind, cinnamon, ginger, whatever, served near boiling. This doesn't actually make a cold go away but you could give a shit about a cold after two or three of these. The rum content generally increases as the number consumed.

And the Dark & Stormy. This is a strong spiced rum like Kraken with a strong ginger beer, I generally prefer a Jamaican. And again, this starts out mellow but ends up mostly rum as the night goes on.
When it comes to a Dark & Stormy, I like Bundaberg, but that's just because I fell in love with that shit visiting Down Under and no one in my area carried it for about a decade afterwards until about a year ago.

I've always had a heavy preference for whiskey, especially Bourbon, from Jim Beam (and Old Crow when tight on cash) as a teenager out in the sticks, to Maker's and Knob Creek nowadays, though I've found a nice local copper-distilled whiskey that's filling that niche lately.

Brandy comes in at second, I usually get Laird's applejack in summer and Grand Marnier around holidays.

Lately I've been getting into wines, but I'm a filthy casual that likes blackberry merlot, sangria, and blueberry moscato.
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Vlinny Chan

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I love to drink some Jägermeister from time to time. There's something about it's herbal taste that I really dig.
Respect! I especially love jager over ice. I can seriously drink that shit like it was a soda and end up shitfaced without realizing or really wanting to and it lead to me getting some bad hangovers in the past.

I also love me some cocktails and other girly drinks and I will make my own if I have the ingredience. No practicular favorites as I try different ones as I go but I enjoy anything fruity or with green apple. I also enjoy sweet shit like bayliey's and captain morgan's and dislike bitter shit like IPAs and stouts (and fucking wild turkey. "Whoa man, it has a hint of cinnimon and apple and all these million other flavors duuuuudde." What it really tastes like is bile.) Feel free to call me a faggot.
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Because it's still the Holiday Season ...

My short answer on what I like to drink is this: Whiskey, beer, and gin. The mood needs to strike me if I'm going to order something with rum or tequila in it, and I almost never drink vodka (not a fan). I'm also not much of a wine person either. On the occasion I'll have a mimosa or a sangria, though.

My go-to whiskeys are Jack Daniels and Jameson Irish Whiskey. And while I don't have them often, I highly recommend the Jack Daniels Sinatra Select and Midleton. Both expensive (priced anywhere between $175-225 a bottle), but oh so worth it if you are a whiskey drinker who also likes to save things for special occasions.

My favorite gins are the ones that taste like a Christmas tree. Specifically, I am a huge fan of the "Compelling Gin" made by Dogfish Head (who is known for beer, oddly enough haha). It was my gateway gin, and I've yet to try a gin that I love as much as the Dogfish one. Pro-tip: NEVER buy gin that is dirt cheap. It's the worst. It tastes and smells like you're drinking something from under the kitchen sink. Just don't do it.

For beer, there aren't any specific styles that I dislike, honestly. I've had good AND bad beers of all kinds. The styles I tend to drink most, though, are Belgian Styles and IPAs. My favorite Belgian Style is either Don de Dieu by Unibroue or Delirium Tremens. My favorite IPA is basically most things that Dogfish Head makes (their signature IPA, the 60 Minute, is the best "go-to, no BS" IPA there is in my opinion). And while I've had my share of really good stouts, nothing can beat a Guinness in my eyes.
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Man vs persistent rat

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I legit can barely tell the difference between bourbons/Kentucky whiskies, pretty much all I can muster is "this one tastes more watery/this one is kind of sickly sweet/this one is a little more sour/this one has a little more burn/full flavour". I kind of admire the passion required to find one disgusting/amazingly good.

It rarely goes on sale where I live, but when I can get it Wild Turkey 101 is a good one to buy in bulk for getting smashed purposes.


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so i worked as a bouncer at a nice party in a castle today and i got an unopened bottle of the good Cardinal Mendoza from some poor smock trying to smuggle it in.
I now have a super nice Brandy and a story to laugh... Idiot tried to smuggle a 60€ bottle into a 250€ event with an open bar.

Cardinal Mendoza is realy nice and the Carta Real is just super nice. but im to cheap to buy it for myself normaly.
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Well hung, and snow white tan
there is a Gallon of hard cider in my freezer. Its not cold enough outside to make Apple jack the natural way....


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It's bad

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Why? For the love of god why? For additional horror: this isn't the only brand available!
I talked to one of my coworkers about this stuff and she thought it sounded good. I recently had some soju and god it was awful.

The best and greatest

I don't know how much this counts but on occasion I will break my abstinence from alcohol and recently a friend of the family gifted us two bottles of wine they brewed, an apple white and I think a plum honey red. I tasted a bit of whats left of the Apple and it kind of blew me away with how good it is. Hoping to try some of the red tomorrow and maybe experiment with it in the kitchen a bit.


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Neighbors introduced me to Jim Beam's extra aged bourbon recently. Good stuff.

Man vs persistent rat

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Any opinions on sotol? My experience with mezcal is limited, and this tasted like a less smoky version of what I have tried, though even this distinction may be due to limited pool size. What makes it distinct?

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I've had Becherovka once. in college. It stopped being awful by the third shot, and I vaguely remember liking it by the fifth. Never again.
Malfy, only Malfy. It's citrus-flavoured gin, good enough to cover up the artificial taste of industrial tonic, so you can skip Fever Tree, which you shouldn't.
Metaxa is too sweet for me, it's mainly made of Muscat wine.
I found Ararat (stylized as ArArAt) better in every regard: nice, elegant presentation, that "exotic" factor, and a superior taste. Less sweetness, more fruits. The 5* is quite affordable.
If you're on a budget, get St-Rémy VSOP or XO. The XO loses some of the vibrance of the VSOP for a deeper, oak-y taste. They are good for their price.
Haven't had any Jerez (Spanish solera-aged brandy) yet, but I hear Carlos I. is good and affordable.
I rarely drink vodka, but sometimes I get the craving for something crisp and clear. Tried a couple of brands, but nothing beats Russian Standard. Belvedere or Beluga ain't got shit on RS Platinum, let alone Imperia. Gold is lightly flavoured with golden root extract.
Occasionally I make grog and Captain Morgan Spiced Gold is adequate for that. Nothing else. Aside from that, I'm new to rums, so not much experience.
Cubaney Gran Anejo is a five year old, solera-aged rum, fairly cheap and very good IMO. Starts out dry, changes to vanilla, then fruits, mainly quince and dried apricots, with an underlying spicy taste. The finish is more vegetal, like fresh tobacco.
Flor de Cana Gran Reserva (7yro) is drier and simpler. Mainly oak and dark chocolate, it's great if you don't like your booze overly sweet.
Arcane Cane Crush is a lightly aged agricole-style sipping rum from Mauritius bottled at 43.8% ABV. As a commenter put it on RumRatings, "...it is like a flowery meadow in summer.", and I can't put it any other way. Sweet, very floral, with notes of coconut. The finish is quite vegetal, which is par for the course with agricole rums I'm told.
Nowadays I don't drink as much beer as I used to. My go-tos are Leffe and Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc (witbier spiced with Cardamom and whatever else I forgot) when it's hot, and I get some heavier stout or porter when it's cold.
Another good refreshment for summer is vermouth mixed with citrus juice. Martini Extra Dry with lemon juice, Bianco with lemon or grapefruit, Rosso with orange or grapefruit. Rosato is awful, and the rest are best drunk straight. The best ratio is 1:2, that way the fruit doesn't overpower the vermouth, and the vermouth doesn't make me dizzy if I happen to drink too much 'cause hydration is important.
All that said, I rarely drink more than a dram, because I prefer to enjoy my drink. One of my uncles was a nasty drinker until his wife divorced him and a major illness hit him not long after, so I too have a reminder not to become an alcoholic.


Hugh Janus
Rum all day, but I'm open to almost anything. Really enjoyed the whiskies, bourbons, vodkas, and tequilas I've tried. Not a fan of brandy/cognac straight but I love making brandy alexander every now and then. The only spirit I simply don't like in any capacity is traditional gin (though I do love sloe gin)

Edit: liqueurs are forever my favorite thing to enjoy straight. Kahlua (preferably the 70-proof midnight variant), Bailey's, Jagermeister, and especially RumChata along with its coffee and its limon variants.
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Crystal Golem

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Does anybody have any recommendations for savoury gin drinks? Was given some wheat gin and it has an interesting though not unpleasant taste that really goes with savoury drink types. Currently drinking it with olives skewed on a rosemary sprig with extra olive juice which is 👍