Springtrapp - Batshit Otherkin Pedophile Sadist and Her Brainwashed Child Bride

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Dunno if Spring is still using genibo but childbride is here https://schoolshooting.tumblr.com/

Judging by that charming username, I doubt much has changed lol.

the posts Kayla was screeching about are there but I had to add /mobile to the link to see them because of the blog's redirect.

I went digging because this whole thing made me curious.
Jesus, I forgot how annoying childbride was. Are the two of them still together?

Pond Scum

How did childbride manage to be so comparatively level-headed when it came to terfs and then a post later post about a "little" alter fronting?

Super Book

Currently addicted to Neopets™
How did childbride manage to be so comparatively level-headed when it came to terfs and then a post later post about a "little" alter fronting?
If @cluelessly is correct, he's apparently also crazy enough to let springtraps greasy ass stick around.

Edit: Also, lol at him still believing he has a "DID system" at 21 years old. I thought teens that grew up on tumblr notice how embarrassing that shit is when they hit their early 20s.
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I've been lurking Kiwifarms for around 2 years but i've never felt like I had anything to say in any thread I've read, this one really takes the cake, though.

I know it's quite a dead thread and we barely know where those people are anymore which is honestly quite alarming to me knowing Tumblr firsthand. I don't know what has been the absolute worse in all of this wild ride.

What I am more terrified of is the fact that Grease may still be doing the whole e-dating minors thing this to this day, even behind Adams back based on the circumstances of cheating I've read in here. Because it is very easy to lie about ones age on the internet, and mentally ill or/and attention seeking children still do the whole kin shit, and are easy to manipulate. Even though I think it has calmed down a bit on Tumblr, a lot of people call Twitter "the new kin Tumblr" so a change of platform where one can start with a clean slate to manipulate more minors is even scarier.)

So yeah, the fact that this thread has calmed down and that Grease has "hidden" herself scares me beyond words, does absolutely no one anymore know where she is? Has everyone stopped keeping tabs on her?
Yeaaah-- I'm researching this Springtrap guy. I know about FNAF 1 + 2 but now after checking out the lore for 3... jesus fucking christ.

It's not like she's identifying with a fucking killer or anything. Murderers aren't abusers at all.
they're just misunderstood.
I"m about 2/3 of those things, does she require me to take any more extensive action than forgetting she exists, or will that do?
Coz I'm fine with just that.

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