Careercow squadallahthistle - a tone deaf fandubber

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#1 victim of GamerGate
Isn't this just what people sound like before they get vocal training? Like, he's underarticulating and only uses his 'indoor voice'...just get a coach, problem solved?

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Lolcows are bizarre people/groups/events, that are on the Internet, and respond negatively to people in a funny way. They are not countries, political figures, celebrities, your highschool bully, or some random YouTuber that isn't a drama queen.

Is there anything with this guy that makes him fit the definition instead of the 'random YouTuber' part? If not, I think we have a cringe vids thread somewhere in Off Topic

I'll be honest, I made this thread on a whim. I probably would of just made a post about him in a cringe thread if I realized we had one.
But I guess making this thread has at least caused some funny backlash. I mean he made the reaction video like 2 days after I made the thread, so he MUST of been googling himself....

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