Star of 'Pet Semetary' remake dies suddenly just weeks after movie's release - I DON'T WANNA BE BURIED, IN A PET SEMETARY, DON'T WANNA LIVE MY LIFE AGAAAAAIN

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PL 001

Kubrick's version of The Shining
De Palma's version of Carrie
Stand By Me
Shawshank Redemption
Cronenberg's version of The Dead Zone

Those I think are his best theatrical movies. Needful Things and The Stand miniseries are guilty pleasures of mine.


like a floof bomb in your face
RIP sweet kitty

Not a masterpiece, but Creepshow is fun. Creepshow II not so much. The Raft segment creeped me out a bit, though, so I'll give it that.

Graveyard Shift was horrendous. My brother was drunk as fuck when he watched it with me so he thought it was funny as fuck though. The short story is better.

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"Cheerleeder" of Slapfights
True & Honest Fan
Maximum Overdrive and Sleepwalkers were both colossal pieces of shit.

I liked Misery.
Oh yeah, and Dolores Clayborn was decent too.
I actually like Maximum Overdrive because the beginning makes me laugh hard.

I guess he does have a decent amount of hits, but he has so many bad movies it makes it hard to remember the good ones.

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Problem with Maine Coons is they have heart problems a lot. Mother in law had one once. One day it jumped of the kitchen counter and died before it hit the floor. Vet said it was it's heart and it's not uncommon. Cat was only three years old. Shame, they're sweet cats.
I had a Maine Coon who died young from some bizarre, extreme reaction to a flea medicine. Just one of those ones you put on the nape of their neck, like Advantage. It was heartbreaking and terrifying to watch, because he was this big tough muscular guy and he wasted away to nothing in the span of a couple weeks. Vet couldn't figure out how to help him. I still miss that aggressively friendly big lunk.

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Was the new pet sematary any good?

It has its own thread, but it's pretty decent. The trailer is all from the last half hour of the movie, though, so don't watch it if you're thinking of watching the film.

But there's no way they'd kill the cat for a film released months ago. It's absurd enough to think they'd kill the cat for publicity - that they'd do it now is a moronic idea.

Are any of his movies not directed by Stanley Kubrick any good?

The original Carrie
Stand By Me
It remake
Shawshank Redemption
The Green Mile
Dolores Claiborne
The Running Man

And things like Gerald's Game, The Dead Zone (movie and show), 11.22.63, the Castle Rock TV show, 1408 and Cujo I've heard pretty good things about.

Leo the Cat dies mysteriously
We all know what happened, it's no mystery.
Leo was just another victim of the Hollywood system, all the fame and the pressure got to the little guy.
Every night he went to sleep, he spent hour upon hours, tossing and turning, thinking of all the cocks he had to suck to get to where he was.
Everywhere he walked, he'd hear jokes about "petting the Pussy".
He couldn't take it anymore.
He took to heroine.
And heroine took his life.

Rest in Peace sweet prince.

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;( Apparently Advantage and other flea medicines are known to be poisonous to dogs and cats, especially elderly or younger pets.
I've given it to a bunch of other cats and a couple dogs and none of the others have ever had a problem. Current cat is a senior and gets hers every month like she has since a kitten.