Star Wars Fans Riot After Boba Fett Kills Pregnant Woman of Color in New Comic - How embarrassing


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It looks like the Star Wars Twitter verse is in chaos again.

Marvel Comics just recently released the fourth issue of its new Star Wars series called Bounty Hunters, and it seems like the comic book has created quite an uproar on social media after it featured Boba Fett shooting down a pregnant woman of color.

Taking to Twitter, Star Wars fans have expressed their dismay over the female character’s death, saying that Boba Fett shooting down a woman of color is an example of the franchise’s racism and misogyny.

One particular fan even listed down other moments in Star Wars comics where the franchise featured acts of aggression towards women of color and pregnant women.

While it’s understandable that Boba Fett would kill left and right ( after all, he is a scoundrel and villain), fans are quick to point out that the character seemed to be written just to be killed at the hands of one of Star Wars’ most popular bounty hunters. Not only that, but fans couldn’t help but find it strange that Boba Fett’s victim looked a lot like Rose Tico from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

For some reason, Rose became a source of outrage from traditional Star Wars fans, and actress Kelly Marie Tran became a victim of rabid fanboy’s online bullying.

Because of this recent stunt by Bounty Hunters,Star Wars progressives have gone up in rage against the comic book, calling out the creators for featuring violence against women. Some have even decided to cancel their Star Wars comic subscription.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Do you agree that the comic went too far by having Boba Fett kill a woman of color? Let us know in the comment section below.


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