Star Wars Fans Riot After Boba Fett Kills Pregnant Woman of Color in New Comic - How embarrassing

Fat, flat Wonder Woman variant cover - i sleep
Bounty Hunter shoots preggo - REAL SHIT

Do aliens even have skin colour based societies?
If you get into the minutiae of Star Wars lore, yes. Twi'leks(the colorful ones with big head dick-tentacles) have different colors based on where they're born on their homeworld and are sorted into clans and social strata based on this. Also other aliens would favor certain colors when capturing and enslaving them around the galaxy, so some were more desirable than others, so they'd give each other shit the same way a black girl might be mad at a white girl for being prettier/having more opportunities.

1598054522303.png white girl
1598054563887.png space nigger
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Gee, I sure hope the Big Bad Capitalist Corporation isn't going to capitulate to two whole retarded screechers from Twatter Dot Com in an attempt to virtue signal their latest mistake away! That would alienate their remaining 10 Star Wars fans who buy new material!

>inb4 the writer him/herself is a stunning&brave diversity hire Pee-Oh-See


This will all end in tears, I just know it.
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Well Boba Fett isn't even "white" to begin with--whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean in the Star Wars universe-- and what's the point of racial politics and minorities in the Star Wars universe, anyways? Who's to say that black people in Star Wars are even a minority? Sure, they didn't show up too much in the original films, but how do they know there aren't 500 planets out there with 20 billion "Mexicans" each one of them?

IDPOL is an absolutely ridiculous thing to try and apply to a fictional universe, especially one that isn't even remotely related to our solar system. I'd bet my bottom dollar that almost no one could even tell you where the different races come from in the Star Wars universe, or if it's even explained to begin with. How the fuck are you going to be African or Spanish if Africa and Spain do not exist?
Marxists will never accept in-universe context, there are no thought experiments or speculation, all things fictional are just fun-house mirrors of the writer.


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It's almost like a mercenary is not scrupulous in the slightest and would kill ANYONE regardless of what they look like for a few credits... Gotta make sure only whoaite peepol are the only ones killed.
Yeah, but to these people, showing violence is the same as endorsing it, if bad things happen to "protected" groups in a book, that means the author wants the same to happen to them in real life, and any bad actions taken by anyone other than designated "safe" villains (nazis, white guys, but we repeat ourselves...) is a deliberate attempt to make the ethnic/IDpol group of the actor "look bad".

It's why all the SJW's favorite superheroes just sit around their apartments and be diverse... cuz' actually getting up and fighting is "problematic" if it's anyone but a white male, and even then, violence might convince people that meeting existential threats to your society with force is a bad thing...

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Non-Tico Tran is grade A certified bae and anyone who says otherwise is objectively wrong. :feels:
Oooohh, I'd put a baby in her. :smug:

...wait, that would mean they went out of their way to make her unattractive with a vengeance and on purpose?!

Why? Because they wanted people to fap to Rey and her chiclet incisors?! They frumpied up an asian cutie to prop up their staler than 3 week old white bread Mary Sue?

... that's racist. :story: