Star Wars: Squadrons - Now featuring non-binary yellow aliens and gay-married imperial TIE pilots in your space-WW2 game for 12 year olds


STAR WARS: SQUADRONS is EA's latest entry into Star Wars. The main draw is the natively-supported VR where you play in cross-play matches of 5v5 in X-Wings, TIE Fighters, and a variety of other ships from the series.

Featuring a 6-hour forgettable single-player storyline written by snaggle-toothed pedophile and IGN Editor Mitch Dyer, the main draw of the game is by far and away the multiplayer modes. The first mode is "Dogfight," a simple 5v5 fight to the death. The second mode is Fleet Battle, a sort of MOBA with ships where you have to progressively destroy more of the enemy's larger vessels until taking down their capital ship.

The game is actually really fun, and flying in an A-Wing or X-Wing in VR is a fucking fantastic experience. You will have a gorgeous view of the space battle happening around you and it is a totally immersive experience. You also get to experience the crushingly poor design of the TIE Fighter's cockpit, where you are given zero situational awareness or peripheral vision due to the forward-facing nature of the cockpit window.

Positives of the game:

  • This is X-Wing vs TIE Fighter in VR. The game uses Battlefront 2's FROSTBITE Engine, so it looks absolutely stunning. Climbing into the cockpit of an X-Wing is a childhood dream for many manchildren, and this game delivers that experience perfectly.
  • The game modes are just fun. You can't really get a better space dogfighting experience right now in any other game.
  • You can put male heads on female bodies in a stunning display of inclusivity. Naturally this means every pro gamer has chosen the biggest, blackest man and put him on a tiny white girl body for maximum absurdity. The true STAR WARS experience.

The game isn't without it's problems, however:
  • There appears to be a massive lack of HOTAS support, with some people reporting hard-coded 20% deadzones on popular flight sticks. EA has promised to fix this.
  • Optimization on PC is lacking, with FPS seemingly random depending on your system.
  • Certain VR headsets have been reporting endless jittery stuttering, notably the Valve Index
  • There also appears to be a significant built-in retard's aim-assist for people playing on consoles using gamepads, which can really damage the competitive feeling of the game. Luckily you can disable cross-play so you don't have to dirty your experience knowing disgusting, sub-human console proles are in your match.
  • The game has no regional play, and the servers are most likely in the USA. What this means is that if you are in say, Europe, Asia, or Oceania, your pings are going to be pretty bad and you will feel it in some matches.
Any other kiwis playing this piece of shit that manages to be fun?


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Where does it fall on the timeline? Are you controlling original recipe X-Wings and TIE Fighters or are they Disneywars era bullshit?

It’s not Rouge Squadron so I’m not interested. Those games were great outside of the third one.

I really wish we could get basically an HD era Rogue Squadron without all the faggy SJW bullshit, but these days you have to try to look past that as much as it sucks, it sounds like the game is still worth playing.

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This game should have been the proper new-generation version of Rogue Squadron, We've all been wanting that game for years and a proper Battlefront game. EA stumbled BF2 for me, I gave them a chance, and it was a big fat load being busted on my forehead. I am not sure if I am willing to invest money if the dog fights aren't worth it, that was my issue with the Frostbyte 2 engine, is that it seems like they have not been able to figure out areal combat AT ALL. Maybe I might buy it, from what I've seen of it preview wise it looks okay, just not sure if I would be willing to spend $80.00 on it though. Especially if it is going to be like the last time when BF2 dropped in price only a couple of months after launch. I think I've paid full price on enough of EA's titles for a while.


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Is there actual dogfighting or is it like Battlefield/Battlefront where people just fly in a circle? I honestly don't know how you'd avoid the latter without adding a g-force blackout mechanic or going full-on milsim.


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@Dom Cruise it's the the Fighter, Bomber, and Interceptor (with quad lasers); along with a new TIE Reaper, which is an redesign of the Disney U-Wing.

@Jewthulhu it's a mix of actual combat with some of the upgrades that can cheese the experience (like sending a missile back to your opponent), with the added ability to slow down to a snail's pace.

Gameplay from what I've seen looks to be a good dogfighting game. The story comes across as trash, so its on par with other Disney Star Wars. Might get it when it goes on sale

EA stumbled BF2 for me, I gave them a chance, and it was a big fat load being busted on my forehead. I am not sure if I am willing to invest money if the dog fights aren't worth it, that was my issue with the Frostbyte 2 engine, is that it seems like they have not been able to figure out areal combat AT ALL.
I tried the Starfighter Assault mode in EAfront2 and never managed to fly a ship decently (also fuck the Star Cards crap). I can't stand the realistic lighting in Frostbite, it's always a pain in the ass to see or understand what is going on in front of you with all the post processing effects. I wish they had made a co-op version of Starfighter Assault so it would at least feel like I'm doing something and have "fun". To me, co-op and the Clone Wars era stuff saved the game.
As for SW Squadrons, I might try the demo on Origin but I won't buy the game, I can't stand Disney Wars.
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Ok, so I've put in quite alot of time on this for the past couple days. I'm probably going to platnium it. I've done a shit load of fleet battle games, so I can give a somewhat informed opinion. I'm also a veteran X-wing/Tie fighter/Alliance/Rogue Squadron player.

It's a weird hybrid between an arcade and simulator. It is really like a much deeper Rogue Squadron in terms of mechanics:

So, the arcade aspects are this:

1. Map limits, which is really apparent on the Abyss map. You go too far, you start taking damage. I don't like this aspect of the game, but it's there to keep the game hectic and fast. It's kinda counter intuitive because of manuevering such as drifting(I'll get into that later).

2. Very simplified objectives. Kill the enemy. Shoot the frigate, go after capital ship. Nothing else to that.

3. Pacing. No deep way of strategizing or using complicated tactics other than prioritizing. The game is trying to keep the tempo high/simple at all times.

Simulator aspects:

1. Fixed cockpit view. You are in your cockpit and no external view. You have a free look you can use, but is utterly worthless. Probably is great in VR(don't know). Imo, they should patch in a 'head tracking' target feature. Everything is in your cockpit view for sensors, ammo, targeting, systems etc.

2. Much more indepth flight model. Although it has some issues. Specifically, oversteering and poor diagonal manuevering. So, it's difficult zeroing in on targets and has a sluggish feel. Supposidly there is a deadzone bug affecting everyone(not just HOTAS). I think the oversteering is more of a cool thing for VR. But, it makes it frustrating for everyone else. Probably needs tweaking in patches.

3. Pretty skill based system management. You are CONSTANTLY switching your systems and throttle. In fact, you can't even turn effectively unless your at a certain speed. Management bonuses. It can also be even more simulator like in the options menu.

4. Advanced manuevering such as drifting. Basically you set your engines to maximum and you get a boost option. While you are boosting, you can drift, allowing to do extremely tight turns or redirections at maximum speed. Makes it worthless on certain maps cause of size limits. But, its an interesting thing I'm trying to master.

5. Decent targeting and communication system. Although I tend to keep targeting just on the enemy squadron. Yes, you can target your attacker. But, it does have some dumb flaws. Near a capital ship, if your getting shot up by an enemy player and you try to target him: it ends up targeting the capital ships turbolasers. FUCKING GAY and very exploitable.

6. You can customize your ships and tailor them to whatever play style you want it to be. I've only really dabbled with this though.

Thats kinda it, the game modes are pretty bare bones. It's only really two modes with six maps.

The campaign(lol)I haven't finished. I'm waiting for a patch so I can get trophies for it(it's bugged). It's really just a fancy tutorial. Yes, it is also insufferably gay. But, that is not the selling point of this game.

My verdict is that you may want to wait and see. There needs to be patches to tweak things and fix bugs. The game certainly has potential though, it's not really a clusterfuck. Nor is it amazing but it could be pretty solid if EA supports it.

If the game is to develop a shelf life: it needs bigger maps and larger player counts. More modes certainly wouldn't hurt either.

I'd love to have more ships, but I'm not sure what role they would fill. I would love for a B-wing, but it would probably be redundant to an X-wing. The X-wing already kinda fills the fighter/bomber role.

So I'm more interested in maps, modes and player count increase.

It's frustrating but I am having fun with it.
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I thought the character customization was supposed to be a big deal but you can only be a human with preset faces. You can just use the woman body and voice with a man face and vice versa. I'm sure all the trannies are jacking off over it but it seems really barebones.
No, the player custimization sucks. I've seen WAY more options for fucking "be a pro" in sports games..

I be willing to bet they will add more stuff for head options. Otherwise, you have nothing to spend glory on...

Right now, I just want them to worry about the bugs and flight mechanic stuff...

Also, you can be an alien on the rebel side. But, you have to purchase the heads for glory..


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The game doesnt have godawful third person shooter segments where blaster rifles have laughably low ammo counts so youre forced to use your peas shooter of a blaster pistol so thats a plus. I think I'll stick to rogue squadron 2 and 3 and maybe give the first game and the older x wing/tie fighter. Also Jedi Starfighter does anyone remember that game cuz its pretty underrated

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