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Articles & Happenings is the third attempt at a news board on the Kiwi Farms. It is a cursed place. Every moderator who has been assigned here has resigned within a year. During 2016, the political crossfire was so bad it spread to different boards and culminated in me banning American news discussion entirely for several months. It has been deleted in its entirety twice. There is no actual discussion here, it's people posting garbage. It leans much further right than the rest of the site and doesn't particularly conduct discussion because dissenting opinions are dogpiled by a thousand memelords posting shit they read on /pol/ without any critical analysis.

The only rules that can be enforced are empirical ones with boolean violation answers. New threads must cite a real source directly and must use the headline of the article as a thread title without any editorializing. Articles must be archived in some way and must link to the original article. Replies that are one word or a reaction images are automatic one-month bans from the board.

I'm creating this now because it seems like this place is here to stay and is one of the largest areas of the entire site. I might as well throw in bare minimum effort to improve it. I don't even try to find mods for here because they will quit, without exception. I've added new prefixes ("Business" and "Crime") just now.


New threads should be made like this.
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since a&h is basically becoming or is a containment zone why not do what 8ch did and also create containment sections within a&h such as lefty pol or regular pol euro pol so that people don't complain so much about muh opinion is not represented
Because that's stupid. People have to learn how to talk to each other. I'd encourage more dissenting opinions more than anything. Think Greta Thunberg is right? Go on. Say it. Dynastia was great at this.


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since a&h is basically becoming or is a containment zone why not do what 8ch did and also create containment sections within a&h such as lefty pol or regular pol euro pol so that people don't complain so much about muh opinion is not represented
Containment threads/boards increase tribalism and intolerance to disagreement, not decrease it.

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Disclaimer: I'm probably one of the users you describe, so take your pinch of salt and apply from here on out.

It's important to have a place for people to share news, so removing the board entirely is not a good idea IMO. Focus on providing balance. It's hard to enforce via rules because it seems bias and someone on some side of the aisle will dislike the measures you take. However even outside of rules I'm sure it's possible to find some balance given a bit of time and trying. The site has people from all sides and they do tend to seem to get along more often than not, even in the context of this particular board.

I like to keep up with the news and this board in particular has a lot of good contributors who find interesting stories. Right now it's mostly on the right hand side so maybe a lefty could step up in posting interesting content from their side of the fence to achieve some balance.


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Maybe have more megathreads to contain some of the worst topics, and make a hard rule regarding posting culture war bullshit that belongs in threads about useless shit. There's good threads here and there, you just have to bow out when threads start getting to the fourth and fifth pages and it's just played out.

Subreddits are literally totalitarian containment boards and circlejerks where any dissent is banned and ridiculed.
Well, that's A&H too.


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Maybe start making it a guideline to keep politics out of A&H. I know, I know, politics is news too. But most people here can't seem to keep from going off the rails and larping as /pol/ posters on almost every thread. I know in another response on this thread you said that people need to learn to have actual discussion, but for once i'm going to stop being so optimistic and outright say that with the current userbase on this board, it is simply not possible.
As a side note I got a good laugh out of the fact that your second sentence was "It is a cursed place."

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