State of the Union 2018 -


My fellow autistics,

Here are some numbers. In 2018 we moved off of Google Analytics to a homebrew FOSS project that does analytics so the numbers are a bit different.


We're looking at another year of 50% traffic growth. This is on part with previous years. In January we would see between 30 and 40 thousand visits per day. In December, we are seeing between 50 and 60 thousand.

If that scares you because of muh eternal summer, rest assured this does not affect our general posting. It takes about 6 months for a lurker to convert to a poster.


As you can see, our posters per week haven't grown all that much. They're up from between 20,000 and 25,000 to consistently above 25,000. It all depends on what's going on, which is how it should be.

Users active is a completely different story.


Even when there's nothing going on, we're seeing 3600 people sign in every day to check what's up. This is up 50% from 2800 this time last year.

Quick look at the last month from CF's Dashboard.


And in case you're wondering, yes. If you add up the traffic from .NET, .IS, and .TW we are now processing over half a billion HTTP requests per month.

Edit: December was an extremely promising month in terms of financial stability for the site and I want to thank everyone for pitching in. Things are looking optimistic, especially once the banners are in.

May 2019 suck less than the prior years.


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Thanks Null! I really like to see the numbers. It is hard to see how the forum is doing from down here without them.

It’s also great to see just how active the forum is despite its modest user count. Almost 4000 daily visitors and just about 25000 registered users? Crazy.


My skin crawlith
how long until a person of interest uses these numbers to show off how much more popular and cool they are than the farms?

regardless, im really glad the site seems to have a hopeful outlook for the coming year. i hope the coming ads will cover the site and make you some extra dosh on the side

Long live KF!


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what are those spikes mid march and mid june? i forget if my joining was tied to an event, maybe dsp.


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what are those spikes mid march and mid june? i forget if my joining was tied to an event, maybe dsp.
The Kat hostage reveal video was March 12th.

The initial Change the Channel document was March 15th. The JewWario reveal in mid-April.

June 22 was both Chris Chan getting kicked out of some convention and Chloe Sagal setting herself on fire. DSP did get his Youtube account suspended in June, but that was the first week of June. Net Neutrality law passed on June 11th?

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