Steam Officially Adds LGBTQ+ Tag and Hub Page For Games

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Dec 30, 2017
After years of silence, Valve finally adds a LGBTQ+ tag to their Steam Store once a developer shined a light on the issue yet again.
Concerning the increased importance of the tag system to games published on Steam, it’s good to see that Valve finally added an official LGBTQ+ tag so users would be able to easily find such related content. This is especially true when developers are able to add those Steam-approved tags themselves and increase their discoverability, as Valve had recently removed hub page functionality from non-approved tags, which heavily affected developers who had previously custom-tagged their games “LGBT.”

This importance of Steam approved tags isn’t just for show either, as it’s been found that Steam now runs on a “global set of hundreds of approved tags” and that a game’s top 15 tags determine which tag pages games will appear on. Tags also affect algorithmic recommendations across Steam, which also tend to focus on grouping up games according to overlapping tags.

The change to the system can be credited to an independent developer named Yitz, creator of hand-drawn RPG Nepenthe and upcoming “visual poem” To The Dark Tower, after he brought up the issue on the Steam developer forums. He’d realized an LGBTQ+ tag would make perfect sense for To The Dark Tower, only to find that there wasn’t one.

When he contacted Steam, the email they sent back stated: “If you have something in mind that isn’t already a public tag, please let us know in the Steamworks Discussions.” He soon started a thread there and it triggered a huge discussion with plenty of mixed feedback, although plenty were in support of the tag and its importance to devs regardless of how it could be misused.

Soon after, a Valve employee responded to Yitz’s Steamworks thread and informed him that Valve had added “LGBTQ+” as a globally-approved tag, with a brand new hub page to boot:

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While it’s currently a bit underpopulated, the fact that it exists is a positive step forward. Hopefully in the coming weeks and months more indie devs can have their own games classified under the new tag and increase their own visibility.

In other recent Steam news, Alpha Protocol was suddenly pulled from the Steam Store due to expired music rights. There was also a recently leaked work-in-progress Steam client update, and Age of Empires II: HD Editionwas confirmed not to be taken off Steam when the Definitive Edition launches.


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Dec 3, 2018
Cool now I can filter out the faggotry.

I've never played a game that was able to incorporate gay themes without it being obnoxious, so this will make it easier to not buy one by accident.

That's because the game like most movies, tv and especially comics are just a vehicle for pushing LGBT bullshit.

Jan 16, 2018
I have no problem with this, it's just a tag for stuff that has themes directly related to it. If some dev feels the need to tag theirs 'gay' then fine. I'll even play it if it's not user-tagged "walking simulator."

That's not where this is going, though, hooo no. This is going to become a "look at these evil nazi gamers hating on the LGBTQ+-tag" cry. Giving the identitarians what they want is never enough. I'll just sigh in advance and move on with my video games.


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Jul 18, 2016
WHY??? What is the fucking point? Is this some pathetic virtue signaling bullshit? Does the lgbtomgbbqhaxxorz really need a "separate but equal" venue to play vidya?

No, but it makes them feel better that there is a market for it. There is no point of this this is literally just to make people feel like they matter even though they do not othe