Steam Officially Adds LGBTQ+ Tag and Hub Page For Games

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Club Sandwich
Jun 9, 2016
Place your bets on how long it'll be before most of the games in the tag are gay or dickgirl dating simulators.
how long until it's not enough and certain people demand "trans" has a unique special tag on top of this one? or that trans games require special treatment or promotion by steam in the name of inclusivity?

Smith Banquod

Feelin' It!
True & Honest Fan
Nov 19, 2017
Steam has the ability to create "curated" lists of whatever games that people desire to highlight for other users. There's probably already some curated lists for LGBLTQ stuff.
But it's never good enough because it has to be exclusively about "muh representation", also can't remember this being an issue but congrats on getting a shiny new tag for avoiding getting gay pandering shoved down the throat.


What'll it be, boys?
True & Honest Fan
Jun 29, 2016
Funny thing, one of my favorite indie games is Bastard Bonds, whose gay creator loves massively muscular men, and the pixel art reflects that. But it doesn't feel like a game with gay themes. There's no bitching, value judgments or naval gazing, nor are there characters included just to make a point, all of which which seem like vital components of your average LGBTQ+ game.

Shaved Kiwis

Memetic Polyalloy
Apr 2, 2019
I've never played a game that was able to incorporate gay themes without it being obnoxious, so this will make it easier to not buy one by accident.

Fallout 2 did it pretty well under the guise of player freedom. I've fucked men, women and goats in that game while taking the occasional detour to work as a fluffer on professional porn sets. I kinda regret having played it twenty years ago because RPGs have been entirely downhill for me from that point on.

Club Sandwich
Jun 9, 2016
with some of the freakout around Cyberpunk 2077; i have no doubt that it might catch the LGBT+ tag because it features the ability for players to create and play pretty much any combo of characteristics or physical aspects you want.

how ever it's "problematic" for seemingly racist themes and using a trans character (in an in-game drink advertisement) for their body - which is transphobic somehow.

i have zero doubt that should it receive the tag, that there will be screeching when it appears on the search lists of triggered lilies because it's not the precise the sort of representation they want. it's a never ending purity test as many others have said in other places.

it's easily the one thing that makes any reasonable person quickly tire of supporting inclusivity - when it's never enough and you continuously have more and more demands ad naseum and have to constantly curate, segregate, and purify to point of it occupying all aspects of your life and even then, only the sweet release of death can make you free to no longer do anything about it. then you'll be a problematic shitlord for dying as a sexist racism phobic scum that deserves death and your memory forgotten because you weren't pure enough. i'm not bitter at losing friends over this shit. not at all.
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Rubbing hand intensifies
Feb 24, 2019
Good change, makes sure you know which games to avoid like the plague since they now have a proper warning sign attached to it

Agreed, Next time I can avoid looking at games like Dream Daddy Simulator. There are some games with gross looking front cover, I just hope I don't click on it by accident.


Numbuh one brony in da hood, G
Oct 6, 2016
So can you filter tags on steam? Big if true :evil:

Just another reason steam > itchio

Exigent Circumcisions

winning is for losers
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May 3, 2019
If you'd like, I could blow a big fat load on those, and make them better.