Steam Officially Adds LGBTQ+ Tag and Hub Page For Games

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Scarlett Johansson

Hello, I'm Shelley Duvall
True & Honest Fan
Feb 4, 2018
Gay guy in video game is an effeminate prostitute who fucks his men deep. Dumb.

Gay prostitute who looks like Tormund from GoT who is also skilled with various weaponry like knives and also is a good strategist who secretly cares for stray dogs and isn't CONSTANTLY referring to his sexuality and sex life 24/7 and who might also be a traitor or a spy....brilliant imo.

Really if you have a gay character in your game, write them like an actual character and not to get woke points.

RF 080

I'm just glad I can filter and play all my faggot dating sims in peace without wondering if those pretty boys are gonna let me raw them or not. :tomgirl:

⋖ cørdion ⋗

Coughing for Cash
Oct 2, 2017
Let's make a deep game about suicide and trauma

but also MEMES