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Mar 14, 2014


A kid called Fritz (who didn't speak English very well) asked Stefan if his videos wouldn't be more persuasive to leftists if he was a little "nicer" sometimes.

Molymeme took this as a personal insult to his dignity, and chimped out for nearly an hour. The first thing after greeting and reading the guy's message - which was pretty simple but decent enough English to be understood - was to ask him if he thinks he's better at debate than Stefan.

When confused, the kid denied it, Stefan still went after him. Basically Molymeme acted like megalomaniac jerk and mere suggestion that he could do something differently and it'd have better effect took as a personal insult and a challenge. Ranted about how he was an experienced philosopher with 6 million subscribers and 6 gorillion views, and how little Fritz is nothing and knows nothing.

This continued until Molymeme cut off the phone.

This video has 3,679 dislikes and 2,716 likes

EDIT: As of 3/6/2017 it has 4,250 dislikes compared to 2,942 likes.
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Jan 10, 2017



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Mar 2, 2017
I'm so glad someone finally decided to make a thread on this fucking guy. He's one of the most pedantic fucking shit-tier pseudo-philosophers to ever grace the internet. I have no idea how he's so popular given how much he sucks.

This is a video similar to the other one. In it, the caller just starts bringing up some of Trump's fault's and asks Stefan to address them. The rest of the video is Stef avoiding the questions and going "Wh-wh-what about Hillary?" (bear in mind that this video was made after the election ended). He loses his temper a fair amount in this one.

This video is him replying to comments on the previous video (because of the like/dislike ratio), and it's also full of pedantic empty sophistry.

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Jan 22, 2016
I've listened to his podcast on occasion. His "truth about" stuff can be pretty entertaining and he has some pretty high profile guests on. Invariably though, he always coyly brings up race/genetics in some kind of coded language and try's to corner the guests into agreeing with his views. It's pretty funny because depending on the guest sometimes it makes them squirm as they try to avoid addressing it, and then others are ready to double down at the mere suggestion and he has to kind of reel them in before they get out of control.

His group therapy shows are pretty horrible and I would advise any poor bastard who has run out of options and seeking his advice their personal life to listen to what he says AND DO THE OPPOSITE.

I love when he does his over the top, mellowdramatic "very special episode" type stuff usually immedialty following a big tragic event. Every time there is a school shooting or some kind of Islamic shananigins I always kind of look forward to see what this oddly effeminate, weird accent speaking, Canadian mother fucker is going to come up with.

For some reason I've always thought it would be awesome to see him and Davis Aurini have a sit down, if it hasn't already happpened.

Anyway, I'm not sure how much of a lolcow he is. He does some funny stuff, is a bit over the top, and is essentially a cult leader, but you can't really count on him for big ticket laughs.


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Mar 14, 2014
Molymeme's Mike replying to email concerning the /pol/ thread image I posted.


This is the earliest clip about DEFOO'ing I can find.

So this guy Tom starts talking at around 1:25:30, and continues until the end of the show.

Tom phoned in to talk to Stef about veganism and animal rights, and it didn't take long for Stefan to convince him that his care for animals must somehow be a coping mechanism for child abuse. The end of the clip is Tom crying.

Remember, Molymeme is vital in the saving all of civilization.


Feb 19, 2017
I admit I was a damn moron to listen to this guy. I noticed him first on Twitter for making very overtly controversial tweets that were aimed for humor and challenged mainstream media.

Then I watched some of his videos and became concerned. I remember when he made a video of Martin Luther King and called him a sexual deviant that did nothing but shout "I have a dream." I am not a historian, but I am aware of the allegations against MLK and the CIA that supposedly told the man to kill himself or else they'd take him out him as a pervert.

This man markets himself as an anti-SJW. For such an anti-sjw, you'd think he'd abhor their tactics when it comes to discrediting others. I thought this guy was a sham and nothing more so I unsubscribed. Today I read this thread and realize that this guy adheres to a lot of SJW like tendencies. Cult-like behaviors, convincing followers to ignore loved ones who show concern for their fascination with him, pretty much "everyone else is lying to you, but I have all the answers."

I guess I am pretty freaking dense, if I couldn't figure it out sooner that was. Kiwifarms, without you people I wouldn't even know about the people I consider influential in my lives! First YandereDev actually EvaXephon, and now Stefan, a fucking cult leader. I'm feeling 'WOKE' as fuq now!


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Aug 9, 2014
Not gonna lie, this made me chuckle:


It loses something when you watch the actual video though - it's not a debate, it's actually more of an interview, which is shame because I wanted to see some beef go down:



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Mar 6, 2017
I don't know if Molyneux is a reliable lolcow, but he does produce milk on occasion.

I listen to some of his podcasts (because why would I want to watch him stare into my soul), and much of his content is great. It's hard to deny he's a smart guy. His interviews are quality as another poster said, and when he's talking on a subject he actually knows something about, you can learn a lot. /pol/ unsurprisingly takes his talks about ethnic groups and heritable intelligence way too far, but it's a valid scientific field of inquiry and, like it or not, is almost certainly true. The evidence is there.

What bugs me are the call-in shows. Where does a self-proclaimed philosopher get the idea he's fit to give life advice on every subject? He's a trained actor (as anyone who watches one video of his will surmise from his sometimes ridiculously melodramatic delivery directly into the camera), so he does have some standing to discuss Shakespeare. And he does know something about economics, so I don't mind those videos. And he's run a few businesses, so there's that experience.

But watch him sperg out for over 10 minutes on a caller about "violating the Non-Aggression Principle" for having had her baby boy circumcised, comparing it to female circumcision. Listen to him tell someone she's an abuser for having smacked her child once on the bottom for reaching for a hot stove or something. (Hey Stephan, if it's totally ineffective to ever pop a child on the behind, why is it instinctual to all parents as a disciplinary measure? This is the sort of :autism: that gives libertarians a bad name.) Marvel as he tells a stranger, after a half hour conversion with him, that he needs to drop out of college or dump his fiancee. I like to give advice too, but I'm not arrogant enough to start a YouTube channel and ask strangers to pay for the privilege of hearing my opinions.

And don't ever call in and disagree with him. He'll interrupt and talk over you ("its my show"), ridicule and insult you, and worst of all, he'll assume bad intentions on your part simply because you disagree with him or have criticism to offer or are merely nervous to be "on the air." Even if he's totally right on a subject, why act like that? I don't understand why anybody who has heard his shows would subject themselves to the experience. Maybe they confuse his arrogance for confidence.

The idea this dude has kids scares me. There's no doubt in my mind his daughter will need therapy someday. That said, I don't know about the cult stuff. There is a seriously dedicated presence on /pol/ trying hard to smear him with dozens and dozens of threads per day, which makes me suspicious he's being targeted by crazy people for political reasons.

Something about his smugness rubs me the wrong way, especially when he starts ragging on women.

Perhaps he does that in the abstract, but he treats women completely differently from men during one-on-one conversations for the call-in shows. He's ready to bite the head off any male caller he thinks disagrees with him, but he's all lame jokes (the cringe when the caller doesn't laugh at all...) and weird flirtation when a lady calls in. Like nigga, you're a bald guy playing philosopher king and talking into a webcam, not an alpha male chimp strutting around on the savannah.
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Mar 14, 2014
semper fi @ICametoLurk, keep delivering the molymemes.

Cannot post more than 10 media so double posting.

Let's see some changes from Molymeme:

There is no such thing as a nice Christan.

Christan are good compared to Atheists

Muslims are not the enemy

Cannot import Muslims into the West

If you love freedom don't vote

I'm voting for Trump and you should too
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Feb 11, 2016

Molymeme-Cantwell crossover posted earlier in the Cantwell thread by @entropyseelswork.
But I think it should be in here too for good measure.

RI 360

More cross over. Chris complains about his crazy GF while taking no responsibility, or acknowledging he should have known better because this exact thing has happened to him over half a dozen times. Youtube isn't allowing me to go to a time mark, but fast forward to 40:20 is listen to Cantwell complain that Molymeme never got back to his emails asking for advice about said batshit girlfriend who was a fan of both of them: