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Stephane Portha, otherwise known as "Unixmad" is a French businessman and the owner of Eurocenter, a mobile game development company.

He is well known for his less than ethical practices in business and threatening to sue people with a more than likely non-existent team of "International Lawyers". There have also been some people claiming he is a pedophile, as many players from his game Graal Online (which is targeted towards kids) have been threatened with a ban if they did not send pictures of themselves to him.

His most successful game is Graal Online. Originally known as Zelda Online when it was a bootleg version of LTTP with online capability, being developed by Stefan Knorr. Soon the name was changed when Nintendo threatened to sue the developer for everything he had. It continued development for a while until Stephane Portha came along under the name of "Unixmad" and bought the game out and introduced a pay to play model. However Stefan Knorr remained the main developer of the game. Later on he had the game ported to the iOS platforms where several versions of it remain quite popular to this day. However there have been many cases of admin abuse and fraudulent micro transactions within the game.

Evidence pointing to the poor management of one of Stephane's most popular games, Graal Online:

Stephane has also been known to explain his P2P system to the players with a bread analogy, all in broken English:

Not long ago Stephane was under fire for blatantly ripping off a game called "Abuse" and selling it as his own on the mobile app store with zero credit or even asking:

Recently Stephane Portha personally decided to take down a fair use "When I'm Bored" parody I posted of him. My video has been up for over two years and YouTube's auto-copyright detection has had no problems with it. That being said, I assume Stephane decided he had a problem with it when he noticed my video was the first thing that came up when searching "Unixmad" on Google. Stephane Portha has been known to use bully tactics and abuse the system to get what he wants. I'm not his first victim and won't be the last.

Now if you're not familiar with how YouTube works a copyright claim takes away a lot of rights you have on your channel. I can no longer upload long videos, access many other features, I can't properly handle my videos until Spring 2016. I don't really care since YouTube isn't something I'm dedicated to, but its annoying how Stephane abuses the system to get what he wants.

Be careful though, if we make enough noise he might come and tell us kiwis how the legal system works with bread or threaten to get the forum taken down with the help of his "International Lawyers".
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the US, isn't the truth an absolute defense against libel? That is, if you can prove what you're saying is true, it can't be libel? I know in some countries you can still be sued even if what you're saying is true.

EDIT: This guy sounds like a world-class asshole.
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When I was an Admin on one of the Graal Classic servers, Unixmad logged on to do some updates to the RC Client (which is essentially the application that server staff use to upload files, mess with scripts, and do usual Admin stuff like banning).

Now, the way the game works is that there's a "global support" team that included Unixmad, Stefan, and any other staff that support the entirety of Graal. Then there are individual servers that are run by volunteer team that do all the graphics, scripting, administrating, and level development. When I say volunteers, I mean someone shelled out a bunch of money to Unixmad to have a server created and be the "Manager", that manager then "hires" a group of people, then said people begin making content for no pay which then becomes property of GraalOnline. The global staff will show up every once in a while either to respond to a complaint, routine check ins, or to do updates. You eventually get to know a few and some of them can be pretty friendly.

Well, one of our level developers thought he could joke around with Unixmad, and started asking about when we would start getting a salary or some kind of compensation. Unixmad then responded, verbatim with, "does my foot in your ass feel good compesation?" and then proceeded to start ranting about how Graal was for "fun and learning" and then threatened to globally ban the guy forever. The staff team managed to talk him down, but he told the dude to never ask about payment again, said the updates were done, and then logged off.

I never really thought of Unixmad as a lolcow, but he's totally a gigantic twat.


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This name is setting off alarm bell's in my memory, if this guy is who I think he is underhanded business practices are quite common.

Oh an expect him to show up at some point he googles his name an a few other things fairly regularly.
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Well I submitted a counter-claim against Unixmad's copyright takedown request on my video two days ago. This morning I woke up and was greeted with a sweet email from him.
Hello Austin,

I did receive the Email from youtube asking for your video to be restored. You play a dangerous game here and it could be a good idea to think twice before taking a decision. Litigation is a very expensive undertaking in US civil justice system. Under copyright law, a court may force the losing side to pay the winning side's attorneys’ fees. I have already gone that way for a video and the loosing party had to pay 13.000 USD for attorneys’ fees

I have no problem with people making fun of me, but I have a problem when my video are 100% copied for such usage. If you want to have fun of me be creative and take your pencil and make some drawing. I will perhaps do the same for you and we can have some good smile.

Beside this, do you have any reasons to do this? Did I personally made anything to you?

Have a good day,

Stéphane Portha.
Graalonline Manager.
This guy is out of his mind.


just respond "lol"
I'm gonna write something similar to that.
He also said "If you want to have fun of me be creative and take your pencil and make some drawing. I will perhaps do the same for you and we can have some good smile." So I think this means he wants me to draw a picture of him, I'll have some fun with that.


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I'm gonna write something similar to that.
He also said "If you want to have fun of me be creative and take your pencil and make some drawing. I will perhaps do the same for you and we can have some good smile." So I think this means he wants me to draw a picture of him, I'll have some fun with that.

or keep stringing him along i like that hahahaa

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